10262154 716693551702558 1481828097381448912 nThese microprojects submitted by ACMBs were recognized by the ACMBs' Council of Dobropillia city as the top priority and the most ready for implementation.

As a result of the implementation of these microprojects the technical condition of construct elements and of the systems of multi apartment buildings will be improved - of common property of the apartments’' owners and of  non-residential properties. The energy efficiency of these buildings will be also raised. 

All documents included to these microproject propositions will be thoroughly checked. In case they are submitted with accordance to all requirements these microprojects will be approved for UNDP support. With all ACMBs whose microprojects were approved a Grant Agreement will be signed and the microproject implementation will start. 

The technical condition of the majority of multi apartment buildings in the partner cities of CBA Proejct is unsatisfactory. The term of effective exploitation of the contract elements in most cases is expired, and as a result there are lots of issues which the co-owners of multi apartment buildings are trying to address themselves. As soon as it requires solid financial resources the co-owners are addressing them step by step. 

ACMBs of other partner cities of the CBA Project also preparing necessary documents for microprojects. The councils of ACMBs representatives are defining the most well prepared microprojects, ACMBs announce tenders and on contest base select contractors, do state expertise of the cost estimation documents. 

Due to the high demand for financial resources and which are limited, the council of representatives of ACMBs in each city defines the most top priority and well prepared micropeojects. It means that those ACMBs, which require support and submitted microproject propositions with accordance to all requirements with thoroughly prepared documents will receive such support, if not the first, than the next. 



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