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About UNDP in Ukraine

UNDP is the UN’s global development network, advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life. We are on the ground in 166 countries, working with them on their own solutions to global and national development challenges. As they develop local capacity, they draw on the people of UNDP and our wide range of partners.

UNDP helps developing countries attract and use aid effectively. In all our activities, we encourage the protection of human rights and the empowerment of women.

UNDP in Ukraine: Building a Better Life Together

UNDP’s presence in the countries of Eastern Europe is beneficial not only because of long term isolation from the international community, but also because UNDP can ensure that these countries can effectively start a new chapter in their history on a human development oriented platform.
UNDP in Ukraine supports the national efforts in achieving the Ukrainian Millennium Development Goals through its projects for the welfare of the Ukraine’s people.

The countries that became independent with the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991 are currently undergoing a triple transition: from Soviet republic to independent nation; from centralized government to grassroots-based democracy; and from state-run economy to free market economy. Ukraine is one of the countries facing such a challenge, and the initial difficulties experienced by Ukraine has prompted UNDP to play a role in its development, setting up office in Kyiv in 1992. In 1993, the First Country Cooperation Framework was launched.

Joint efforts of UNDP and the Ukrainian government and people were directed to introduce and promote the main principles of democratic governance at all levels, through support of administrative reform and encouraging civil society to participate in the decision making process. Programs on small and medium enterprises and development of social assistance programs assisted economic development in the country. UNDP also advocated the concept of sustainable development as an essential policy, and emphasized the importance of developing a network of NGOs in environmental areas.

After initially experiencing great difficulties in transition, 2001 was a turning point in Ukraine’s history as an independent nation, after positive economic change in Ukraine in recent years. The Second Country Cooperation Framework, signed cooperatively by UNDP and the Government of Ukraine at the beginning of 2002, is focusing special attention on the issue of human development in Ukraine.

UNDP in Ukraine continues making the difference by supporting the Government to achieve European standards in policies, institutional capacity and practices through transformation of the relationship between the state and citizens, effective decentralization, vibrant private sector in a more liberalized market economy, empowerment of citizens to enjoy equal access to quality services, fulfillment of their human rights and prosperity.

UNDP pursues this goal in a common framework and programmatic synergy with UN agencies, donors and stakeholders, using flexible and modular deployment of world class international and national expertise and knowledge to harness global best practice, promote gender equality, build capacities and establish networks for a sustainable knowledge-based society fully integrated into the global economy

UNDP and Ukraine: Cooperation Framework

In June 2005 the United Nations system in Ukraine and the government of Ukraine signed the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) elaborated on the basis of a recent Common Country Assessment. Following this common strategic framework, UN agencies operating will coordinate programmes and elaborate joint initiatives and plans with the Government of Ukraine for the period of 2006-2010.

UNDP along with other UN agencies operating in Ukraine will focus its programming on four major areas for future action: (1) institutional reforms that enhance outreach to enable all people to fulfil their human rights; (2) civil society empowerment to enable all people to access services and enjoy their rights; (3) health care and health services with a special focus on raising quality and accessibility; (4) prosperity through balanced development and entrepreneurship.

In August 2006 Ukrainian Government and UNDP signed the Country Programme Action Plan 2006-10. This Plan is a collective, coherent and integrated response to the national development priorities.

The document also furthers our mutual agreement and cooperation, taking into account the realization of the Millennium Declaration, Millennium Development Goals and other UN conventions to which the Government of Ukraine and UNDP are committed. It sets up a number of development actions to improve living conditions at the country level.

You can read the text of the current Country Programme Action Plan here.

UNDP in Ukraine