Community Based Approach to Local Development


The Community Based Approach to Local Development Project aims to improve the living conditions of local communities and strengthen participatory governance. For this purpose, it supports the implementation of local priorities reflected in terms of ‘community projects’ or ‘micro-projects’ through small grants based on equity, do-ability, sustainability and the cost sharing criteria. These priorities are developed by the COs and mainstreamed into local development plans through a joint decision-making process.

The total cost of all approved Micro Project Proposals was about UAH 196,3 million. According to the cost-sharing arrangement, micro-projects are co-funded by the CBA (46,5%) and the local budget (44,9%), which constitutes of 12,8% contribution from village/city budget, 29,3% from rayon budget and 2,9% from oblast budget, 7.2% from the community. COs also managed to attract private sector to co-fund their initiatives to the level of 1.3 %.

In 2010, at 1090 micro-projects were completed making it total 1255 since inception. Of the total Micro Project Proposals that were approved, 56% belong to energy saving, 23% to health, 15% to water supply, 5% to school transport and 1% to the environment

A total of 1,201,638 people have benefited from these Micro Projects.

All micro-projects by oblast: