Community Based Approach to Local Development


Community organisation (CO) formed by the target communities, rayon level ‘local development forum (LDF)’, oblast level ‘oblast coordination council (OCC)’ and national level ‘steering committee (SC)’ are the key support structures that contribute significantly to participatory decision making, bottom-up planning process and resource mobilisation for implementation of micro-projects. CBA targets 1000 COs, 200 LDFs, 25 OCCs and one SC to be established.

Cumulatively since the CBA inception, 1118 communities were mobilised. Of them, 1110 COs have enrolled with their village/city councils and 1096 COs have been legally registered. The legal form preferred by most communities for their organizations is public organization (90%) followed by bodies of self-organization of population (5.7%), cooperatives (2.3%), associations of co-owners of multi-apartment buildings (1.8%) and other forms of CO s(0.2%).

In total, 1117 community organizations (COs) were formed by 232,291 women and 165,256 men representing 302,562 households.

All pilot community organizations (COs) of CBA by oblast: