Community Based Approach to Local Development


The History of the Project Implementation in the RegionChernihiv.jpg

On 25 April 2008, a regional workshop, attended by the Deputy Head Alexander Bielsko, was held regarding the joint European Union-United Nation Development Project: Community Based Approach to Local Development.

The seminar was attended by deputy heads of rayon councils and rayon administrations; altogether the gathering constituted of 55 people. Aiming at supporting communities of villages and towns in addressing critical needs for their development and for the improvement of living conditions, the regional workshop began implementing the Project in the Chernihiv region. Commencing the conference, Alexander Bielsko underlined the urgency, relevance and importance of this project to the local communities of the region. During the seminar the Project was presented, and an implementation strategy and action plan for its implementation in the region was proposed. Special attention was given to explaining the approach for the underlying project Community Based Approach to Local Development. This approach encourages the local communities, authorities, and governments to determine the priorities for development and to be part of the plan and to implement measures for the sustainable development of their village, town or city.

During the month of May of this past year, the Project Management team worked in conjunction with the Regional Resource Center of the Project, on the registration of rayons that submitted applications, collection of additional data, and on processing information from rayons that expressed interest in raising funds for the CBA project. As a whole, 19 of 22 regions filed applications.

The hard work paid off on 3 June 2008, when the final selection of rayons was determined in a conference.

The agenda of the conference included the presentation of results, discussion, and selection of certain rayons. The meeting was attended by representatives of: the Regional State Administration, Regional Council, UNDP and the “Community Based Approach to Local Development” project.

According to the ratings given to each rayon during the meeting, eight rayons were announced as winners—Korop, Schorsky, Sribnyanskyy Ripkinsky, Minsk, Borznyansky, Koryukivka, Kulykivs'kyi—and 4 rayons were put on reserve—Varvinskogo, Bakhmats'kyi, Kozelets, Chernihiv, which signed the relevant protocols.

In August of this year, the second phase of this project will be completed.

The joint commission for administration, regional council, rayon administrations, rayon councils, and the regional resource center for the project collectively selected five rural councils in each of the eight rayons on a competitive basis:

• Borznyansky Rayon - Trostyanska, Noselivska, Nicholas, Stepanivka, Novomlynivska village councils;

• Korop Rayon - Korop settlement council, Ponornytska, Vyshenkivska, Chervonenesky, Kryskivska village councils;

• Koryukivka Rayon - Alexander, Prybynska, Syadrynska, Budyansky, Kozylivska village councils;

• Kulykivs'kyi Rayon - Kulikovskaya settlement council, V. Muraviyska, Vyblivska, Kladkivska, Drozdivska village councils;

• Mena Rayon - Birkivska, Chapayevsk, Kyselivska, Feskivska, Liskivska village councils;

• Ripky Rayon - Ripky, Lyubetskii, Zamhlaysku councils, Malinovskaya, Gornostaivskyi village councils;

• Sribnyanskyy Rayon - Sribnyanska, Dihtyarivska councils, Kalyuzhynska, Podolsky, Savinska village councils;

• Schorsky Rayon - Peters, Tur'yanska, V. Schymelska, Kuchynivska, Rohizkivska village council.

The Regional Resource Center for the Community Based Approach on Local Development Project has the following office address - Chernihiv pr.Mira 14, Room 102, 14000. This facility was provided by the Chernihiv Regional State Administration in August this year.


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