Community Based Approach to Local Development


Oblast authorities may find it easier to provide office premises in a local resource centre, which being run by local NGOs but CBA insists for premises in the oblast office. Will it be possible in the framework of CBA?

CBA aims to establish a resource centre within the oblast framework and train at least one of its staffs in the methodology propagated by the Project. This way, the oblast body will retain institutional memory and use the centre more widely even after the Project ends. Therefore, CBA Project insists that the office premises should be located within the premises of the oblast or any of its departments that is located in the city

Last Updated on Friday, 26 November 2010

Can CBA Project give the money to local authorities, which will then give it to local communities?

Framework of CBA Project allows the money to go directly to the community organizations

Last Updated on Friday, 26 November 2010

How can CBA Project assure public about use of the money it gives to the community?

CBA Project observes certain conditions that ensure high degree of transparency and accountability for the money it extends.

  • First, the money transferred to a community is made public.
  • Second, the money is transferred in installments – means no installment is provided without proper use of previous installment.
  • Third, there is a quality supervision committee involving representatives from various corners to check the quantity and quality of work done from time to time. Report from this committee forms a basis to release an installment.
  • Fourth, there is a system of public auditing, which requires the community members and key stakeholders to make a social audit of the project and give a clearance if it is well done.
  • Fifth, CBA Project has placed high emphasis on visibility, means media will be involved in the process from time to time so that the resource provided by the Project and the result obtained is widely known. Also, signboard will be placed at the project sites so that public will be able to see the resource used and result obtained by the community.
  • Sixth, there is a monitoring system in place and CBA Project staffs are to regularly supervise the progress and make the result public.
  • Seventh, the department in the local authorities responsible to monitor use of public money will check the use of fund given to the community organizations from time to time
Last Updated on Friday, 26 November 2010

Who should prepare project document? Will CBA pay for it?

CBA expects technical departments to assist community organizations in preparing project documents. In case, such capacity does not exist then community can look for external sources. Cost of such a source may be included in the project proposal. The cost could be borne by the community as a part of its share or CBA can pay it

Last Updated on Friday, 26 November 2010

CBA demands the community organizations to open its own account, which must be operated by trusted persons. Officials such as village council heads are trusted by the community. In case community decides to offer the account of village council for receiving grant, then will CBA go for it?

CBA requires community organization to have its own account. It is mandatory

Last Updated on Friday, 26 November 2010

There are already NGOs and community organizations in the villages. Will CBA support them instead of creating new organizations?

It is not necessary to create additional community organization, if already there exists one. CBA Project adopts the principle of grafting to adopt such existing organizations, after making an assessment. If the existing organization satisfies all the requirements, then it can be adopted for CBA support

Last Updated on Friday, 26 November 2010

Oblast/rayon authorities have already identified projects and community to be supported. Budget has been approved. Can CBA Project add its money to implement the community project?

In general it is not possible for CBA Project to accept already identified projects. CBA Project needs to ensure that the community has gone through proper process to reach the level of financing. Thus, strict assessment must be done before making any commitment from the Project side

Last Updated on Friday, 26 November 2010

Being an equal partner, oblast authorities must have equal say in selection of rayons. Is there a system envisaged for joint decision making?

Yes, provision is there for joint decision making during rayon selection

Last Updated on Friday, 26 November 2010

5% cost sharing from communities can be difficult. Can some another agency pay this share on behalf of the community?

Cost sharing from community is mandatory. It should not be substituted by someone else. Because cost sharing creates ownership among the community members towards the project and they will be motivated to maintain it in future. Moreover, community members in CIDP, CRDP, and MGSDP area share 13% - 40% of the project cost. It shows that people will be able to share 5%

Last Updated on Friday, 26 November 2010

What is the guaranteed support from the CBA side to community projects?

Support of UAH 50,000 per community project up to 5 projects/rayon or 40 projects/oblast is concrete support from the CBA Project. Besides, there is capacity building support including training, visits, equipments etc

Last Updated on Friday, 26 November 2010

What is the timeframe for a community project implementation?

It depends on complexity of the project. It could be less than or more than a year. However, it is always better to complete the work in a year

Last Updated on Friday, 26 November 2010

Is there a perspective of increase in financing for community projects?

The amount per project is fixed as UAH 50,000. It could be less than UAH 50,000 for projects costing less than UAH 100,000 while it will be UAH 50,000 for projects costing more than UAH 100,000. Also, additional project possible under strict conditions

Last Updated on Friday, 26 November 2010

What is the most suitable legal form for Community Organization - BSP, ACMB, cooperative or NGO?

It could any form provided the CO will be eligible to receive fund into its account, handover the communal property to related department as necessary and be able to raise income, through users’ fee, to maintain the system/infrastructure

Last Updated on Friday, 26 November 2010

What is the currency in which seed grant be calculated - US dollars, Euros or Ukrainian Hryvnias?

It should be in Hryvnias

Last Updated on Friday, 26 November 2010

What is the scheme of financing community Projects from local budget?

It will be done through mainstreaming of community plans, parallel funding, cost sharing arrangement

Last Updated on Friday, 26 November 2010