Community Based Approach to Local Development
Wednesday, 06 August 2008

20 Local Councils of Crimea Participate in EU/UNDP Project

Verkhovna Rada of Autonomous Republic of Crimea, ARC Governmrnt and UNDP have selected 20 local councils of Kirovsky, Krasnohvardijsky, Pervomaisky and Sovetsky rayons for participation in Community Based Approach to Local Development (CBA) Project, which was announced by Information department of UNDP Crimea Integration and Development Programme (CIDP).

Hence, the CBA Project participants are councils of Kirovsky rayon, namely Lhovsky, Pervomaisky, Synytsynsky, Zolotopolensky VCs and Stary Krym town; councils of Krasnohvardijsky rayon, namely, Zernovsky, Petrovsky, Marjanovsky, Novopokrovsky, Leninsky VCs; councils of Pervomaisky rayon, namely, Hryshynsky, Kormovsky, Pervomaisky, Ostrovsky, Krestyanovsky VCs; councils of Sovetskyrayon, namely, Sovetsky, Illichevsky, Chapaevsky, Zavetnensky, Krasnoflotnensky VCs. 8 VCs are put in reserve.

The department informed, the selection of rayons was held in the framework of Memorandum of Understanding, signed between ARC and UNDP. It is expected that 4 indicated above and 4 additional rayons, namely, Dzhankoysky, Krasnoperekopsky, Razdolnensky, and Saksky rayons will participate in CIDP Project.

Moreover, in the framework of the CBA Project villagers and townpeople (from towns with the population up to 10 000 citizens) can unite in a community, define their priorities for living conditions improvement and suggest one project for funding. “5 projects are selected per each rayon on competition basis, 50% of projects total cost (but no more than $ 10 000) is financed by the CBA Project. The rest sum is funded in the following way: from local budgets (no less than 45%) and by the community (5%).” The priority is given to projects on health services, energy, environmet, water supply and local transportation.

NOTE: Crimea Integration and Development Programme was initiated in 1995 by UNDP and the Government of Ukraine and carries out its activities in all 14 rayons of ARC. In long-term perspective UNDP CIDP “facilitates sustainable human development by keeping piece and stability in ARC, supporting initiatives aimed at prevention of interethnic conflicts and pieceful coexistence of different ethnic groups.”

Source: KONTEKST-MEDIA, 08/06/2008