Community Based Approach to Local Development
Monday, 24 November 2008

Training for Project Coordinators of Local Authorities

On 19-20 November regional training was held for 19 servants of rayon authorities of Mykolaivska, Khersonska, and Odeska oblasts. These servants are going to coordinate micro-projects implementation in pilot communities of corresponding rayons. Special training series were organized to inform them about підходом до залучення громади до процесів місцевого розвитку, specificity of its use and results it gives. Participants discussed the role and functions of rayon coordinators in the light of further ativities of the Project in the region.

Rayon Community Resource Centres (RCRC) are going to be organized on the basis of rayon state administrations, at the beginning the Project will give technical and expert assistance, then RCRC will be able to function independently.

Head of international affairs department of Sakska rayon administration Alie Veysova shared her experience of community lead projects realization. Several projects have already been realized in Saksky rayon in the framework of UNDP Crimea Integration and Development Programme and Municipal Governance and Sustainable Development Programme. A.Yusupova expressed her opinion of cooperation with local communities and called her colleagues to cooperate actively with the Project and help with local initiatives realization, so far as ‘you get real satisfaction from such work, grow professionally and feel better.’

Likewise, 6 community development assistants of southern oblasts implementation units participated in the training. They told about progress and achievements of the Project implementation in their regions, discussed with rayon coordinators further cooperation, and presented joint plans of community micro-projects realization in 2009.

Finally, the participants noted with pleasure that their expectations to obtain new knowledge and exchange experience with colleagues had completely justified. Rayon coordinators exchanged contact information and are going to be in touch with each other. That is the way the network of specialists from rayon authorities that help local communities’ projects realization launches.