Community Based Approach to Local Development
Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Ternopil, 23 December 2009 - Local partners of the CBA Project summed up results of joint cooperation on development of local communities and heard the report on the Project activities at the OCC meeting. Participants of the meeting (about 130 people) included representatives from partners of all levels that cooperate for community development and strengthening local self-governance in Ternopilska oblast. Meeting was attended by deputy head of OSA Andriy Flissak, head of OC apparatus Ihor Duleba, representatives from pilot rayon councils and rayon state administrations, as well as representatives from all 49 partner communities and village councils. In his opening speech, First Deputy Head of Oblast State Administration Andriy Flissak expressed his gratitude to all people involved in the process of micro-projects implementation. Head of OC apparatus Ihor Duleba conveyed the message from head of OC about continuation of the practice of allocation additional funds from oblast budget to co-finance community micro-projects in the oblast. As of 23 December 2009, all 40 community projects in Ternopilska oblast were approved for financing. 36 communities have already received the 2nd trance from the Project and are completing repair works at the sites. Repair and construction works have been completed at 19 out of 40 sites, while 13 objects have already been commissioned. Total budget of community projects in Ternopilska oblast is more than UAH 6 mln., that consist of community contribution – UAH 681,000; share of rayon/ settlement/ village budgets – about UAH 1.5 mln.; additional funds from oblast budget – UAH 1 mln.; CBA contribution – about UAH 2.8 mln., sponsors’ share – UAH 145,000. Project activities were successfully realized thanks to initiative and persistent work of representatives from pilot communities, heads of local councils and Project coordinators in rayons. In line with the decree issued by head of Ternopilska OSA, the best of them were awarded letters of commendation. Three communities were presented with certificates of successful micro-projects completion: CO Zbruch (Pidvolochysk urban village), CO Nadiya (Velykyi Havryliv village, Terebovlyansky rayon), CO Mriya (Schepaniv village, Kozivsky rayon). Rating of partner rayons was also announced at OCC meeting. The rating showed that the best results were demonstrated by communities and partners form Terebovlyansky, Kozivsky, Pidvolochysky and Husyatynsky rayons. These rayons by OCC consent will receive one additional project in line with 40+ quota. The fifth project for Zborivsky rayon was selected by lot between representatives from Monastyrsky and Zborivsky rayons with equal rating points. The work of OCC was concluded by demonstration of a documentary about experience that communities in Ternopilska oblast gained in the process of realization of community initiatives to improve living conditions in their settlements. For more information please contact coordinators of oblast community resource center: Ihor Stefaniv, Oleh Protsyk at tel. 050 416 36 04