Community Based Approach to Local Development
Wednesday, 10 February 2010


In frames of the CBA Project realization RSA, RC and active communities from Vasylivska, Maiorivska, Myrnenska, Kaharlytska, Kamyanytska and Sekretarivska village councils jointly solve social problems of settlements in Bilyaivsky rayon, Odeska oblast. On new year’s eve community of Vasylivka village completed replacement of windows in kindergarten Kolosok (meaning ‘a small ear of wheat’). Active members of BSP Dobrobut (meaning ‘prosperity’), its head Nataliya Tkach, children enjoyed inauguration of the repaired group room, gym and the warms saved through replacement of the windows. Thanks to its active cooperation in December 2009 BSP Dobrobut received the first financial trance in frames of the CBA Project. Pursuant to the signed Cooperation Agreement between United Nations Development Programme, Bilyaivska rayon state administration and Bilyaivska rayon council, session of the RC decided to finance the following repair works: - installation of solar cells in kindergarten Zirochka (meaning ‘a small star’) in Kaharlyk village; BSP village committee Promin (meaning ‘a ray’) with its head Iryna Dorohan, Kaharlytska VC; - replacement of windows and doors in kindergarten Sribny Dzvinochok (meaning ‘a small silver bell’) in Sekretarivka village; BSP community committee Zatyshok (meaning ‘comfort’) with its head Valeriy Yevlanov, Sekretarivska VC; - replacement of windows and doors in Mayorivka secondary comprehensive school; BSP village committee Yedyna Rodyna (meaning ‘only family’) with its head Oleksandr Kovalenko, Mayorivska VC; - procure medical equipment for local outpatients’ clinic in Myrne village; BSP village committee Rodyna (meaning ‘a family’) with its head Halyna Romanyshyna, Myrnenska VC; - repair the underwater water pipeline to Chervona Hirka village; PO Chervona Hirka with its head Oleh Nepliy, Kamianska VC. Thus, the rayon met its 45% cost-sharing commitments to finance selected communities. As of today funds are being exploited at the sites. In the beginning of February 2010 rural communities are expecting the first EU trance, preparing a report on the use of budget funds. Please, find more information at web site: