Community Based Approach to Local Development
Wednesday, 20 August 2008

35 Village Councils Selected in Sumska Oblast for Particiation in CBA Project

Joint EU/UNDP Community Based Approach to Local Development (CBA) Project continues its activities in Sumska oblast. On 19 August 35 village councils from 7 rayons (5 VC per each rayon) have been selected to participate in the CBA Project. 20 more village councils are put in reserve.

The ranked applicants were discussed in ‘village council selection committee’ meetings held for the rayons ready for VC selection. Participants of the meeting included acting head of Chief Economy Department Volodymyr MISKOV, coordinators of Sumska oblast implementation unit, and representatives from rayon state administrations. The competition lasted for 1.5 months when village councils applied for participation.

The Committee took into consideration the following criteria: socio-economic state of the territory (based on the rayon ranking), problems with health services, water supply and local transportation, energy (implementation of energy saving technologies, use of renewable energy sources etc.), environment (waste recycling, rendering harmless pesticides etc.). One of the most important estimation criteria was the readiness of VC to cooperate, meet obligations, and finance community projects.

According to the list confirmed, the CBA Project will fund community initiatives in the following village councils:

§      Trostyanetsky rayon: Zhyhajlivska, Pechynska, bilkivska, Kamjanska, Bujmerska village councils with Martynivska, Krynychanska, Nitsakska VCs in reserve;

§      Okhtyrsky rayon: Oleshnyanska, Bakyrivska, Hrunska, Vjazivska, Chernechynska village councils with Rybalska, Dovzhytska VCs in reserve;

§      Krasnopilsky rayon: Chernychanska, Slavgorodska, Pokrovska, Ryasnyanska, Mezenivska village councils with Khmelivska, Sinnivska, Samotoivska VCs in reserve;

§      Burynsky rayon: Stepanivska, Hvyntivska, Khustyanska, Voskresenska, Uspenska village councils with Piskivska, Chernechoslobidska, Zhukivska VCs in reserve;

§      Lypovodolynsky rayon: Bairatska, Kolodynetska, Luchanska, Yasnoilschanska, Lypovodolynska village councils with Beivska, Semenivska, Synivska VCs in reserve;

§      Seredyno-Budsky rayon: Seredyno-Budska, Znob-Novhorodska, Zhykhivska, Ochkynska, Rozhkovytska village councils with Holubivska, Chernatska, Krenydivska VCs in reserve;

§      Yampilsky rayon: Sveska, Vozdvyzhenska, Bilytska, Usotska, Shatryschenska village councils with Knyazhytska, Antonivska, Chujkivska VCs in reserve;

For further information about the state of the Project implementation in Sumska oblast, please contact Oleksandr Takul and Tamara Kharchenko, the CBA Community development assistants in Sumska oblast. Tel. (+380 50) 417 71 40; (+380 95) 102 74 00; E-mail: or