Community Based Approach to Local Development
Tuesday, 16 December 2008

First Local Development Forums in Sumska Oblast

From 11 to 12 December first Local Development Forums were held in the framework of Community Based Approach to Local Development (CBA) Project in Trostyanetsky, Okhtyrsky, and Lypovodolynsky rayons.

The aim of the Forums was to support the Project implementation, create conditions for realization of sustainable development in the rayons, and more active attraction of population, representatives of institutions, agencies and business organizations to the dialogue with local authorities. cc
Heads of rayon state administrations and rayon councils, heads of operating units of rayon state administration, representatives of Okhtyrsky, Trostyanetsky, and Lypovodolynsky rayons communities, heads of village councils and the team of Sumska Oblast Community Resource Centre participated in the Forums.

During first dialogues with communities their members took the initiative of such joint meetings organization. Taking into consideration that communities’ projects for improving living conditions are expected to be funded by the Project (up to 50%), local budget (no less than 45%) and community (no less than 5%), community representatives were interested in carrying out Forums to discuss and coordinate possibilities of community projects funding by rayon authorities.

At the meetings a decision was made to envisage 250,0-300,0 thousand grn. in rayon budgets to fund community initiatives in the framework of the CBA Project. Heads of village councils were charged with assistance in development of newly created community organizations that are going to realize their own projects and help in elaborating micro-project proposals.

The next stage of the Project implementation is considered the most important and consists of elaborating micro-project proposals to receive funds from EU/UNDP and co-finance from local budgets. When communities can obtain funds for their initiatives realization completely depends on their ability and aspiration for work.

To sum up, carrying out of LDF is, on the one hand, organizing relations between authorities and communities for further cooperation in the process of micro-project proposals realization, and, on the other hand, organizing of continuous dialogue ‘authorities-community’ to build up civil society both in oblast and in Ukraine.