Community Based Approach to Local Development
Monday, 03 November 2008

First Dialogues with Communities in Odeska Oblast

Goncharivka village, Semenivska VC. More than 30 villagers of Goncharivka village came to the meeting that was preliminary chosen as a target community in Semenivska village council. Villagers mentioned poor conditions of road covering, absence of gas supply, remoteness of post office and other establishments, but the most serious problem was low quality of water in wells. At present an artesian well is being constructed in the village, and villagers decided to create a community organization to build the main village water supply system from the well.CO members elected the head, secretary, and cashier. The next stage is CO registration and its activists’ training.

ACMB Kvartal Shabska VC. First public meeting of newly organized association of co-owners of 32 flats of a 4-storey building was held in the yard with citizens of neighbouring buildings presence, who are thinking over whether to organize a separate ACMB or to join the existing one, since all of them have one common problem, namely, the absence of central heating. Dwellers of some flats have already established independent heating, but electric system of relatively old (40 years) dwellings cannot sustaine such a load.

Kvartal members with the help of the CBA Project are going to find such a technical salvation that will take into consideration interests of all dwellers, both those who do not have heating at all, as well as those who have spent much funds to equip their flats. So far the decision is made, people do not waste time: they are covering building walls with a heat-resisting layer.