Community Based Approach to Local Development
Friday, 19 February 2010

Zaporizhya Coordination Council Strengthens Partnership between Communities and Local Authorities and Plans Future Cooperation

On 18 February 2010 Zaporizka OSA and OCRC initiated regular meeting of Oblast Coordination Council on realization of the CBA Project to discuss the following issues: 1. Report on documenting experience of the CBA Project in rayons – participants. 2. Financial commitments of the CBA partners. 3. Dissemination of the CBA experience among other rayons in the oblast. 4. Investment appeal of communities with sustainable development. 5. Preparation of Zaporizka oblast to an analytical review conference on the Project realization in eastern regions of Ukraine. Heads of settlements – the Project’s partners and focal points from RSA/ RC presented their reports on documenting experience and disseminating information among rayons that are not involved in the Project. Participants shared their experience of community development and emphasized several times on the importance of formed dialogue through ‘community-authorities’ principle. Heads of territories, focal points from local executive bodies/ self-governance bodies were actively involved in encouragement of community initiatives, as respective principle of work guarantees sustainable development of local territories. Deputy head of OSA Mr Oleksandr Sin appreciated analytical work that the rayons have done. As of today results of this work are going to be generalized into an analytical oblast report for UNDP/ EU management. By order of the Council a group of experts from OSA and OC is going to prepare the report in February 2010. Having discussed the issue of financial commitments members of the Council decided to confirm their financial commitments to UNDP/ EU. Members of Coordination Council think that default on their financial liabilities is a technical and legal aspect following from the absence of the state budget for current financial year. Representatives from the territories emphasized on the fact that developed active communities are effective partners of local executive bodies to reach millennium development goals. This fact was proved with consideration of draft investment passports of active community organizations that decided to attract sponsors to their local territories. Having received development resources (knowledge, experience, funds) from EU/UNDP and other partners local communities were incited to reach their goal. Finally participants of Coordination Council discussed the ways to prepare the CBA Community initiative in action: local development facilitated by EU/ UNDP conference that will present experience of implementation local developmental initiatives. The conference is going to be held in 5 southern and eastern regions of Ukraine in the middle of march 2010.