Community Based Approach to Local Development
Monday, 15 February 2010


In Buimer village, Trostyanetsky rayon on 12 February 2010 parents, teachers and pupils did not restrain their joy, as their school received a new school bus! The bus was procured thanks to participation of local community in joint EU/UNDP Community Based Approach to Local Development (CBA) Project. Deputy head of OSA Oleh Medunytsya and head of Trostyanetska RSA Serhiy Babych congratulated local teachers and pupils on procurement of a new school bus. Oleh Medunytsya hoped that new bus is a nice and appropriate present for pupils from the community, partners from local authorities/ bodies of self-governance and donors, so far as one of the most pressing problems of community from Buimer village, Trostyanetsky rayon was absence of vehicles to transport pupils to school. Eighteen pupils had to walk to school every day. Now thanks to a school bus pupils will be able to take part in rayon, oblast olimpiads, sports competitions, other contests. Head of Buimerska community organization Iryna Halytska expressed her gratitude to the partners and pointed: ‘Procurement of a new bus is a great event for our school and our village. A year ago this idea seemed impossible. First, it seemed unreal as in such a difficult period for the country it was impossible to procure anything for the school, let along the bus. Second, people were so disappointed in the possibility to procure a bus and we had to convince every community member. But the community organized, and now we have this real result. It was difficult, but now it will be easier to realize more serious projects, as the community has too many problems’. As of today 40 more micro-projects are being realized in the oblast at different stages of their implementation, while 2 micro-projects have been completed. Find more information about the state of the CBA Project realization on web site: