Community Based Approach to Local Development
Friday, 16 October 2009

UNDP, EU support cooperation of local authorities and communities noting successful partnership results in 400 communities around Ukraine

steeling_com.jpgKyiv, 15 October 2009 - Two years after launching of joint EU and UNDP Community Based Approach to Local Development Project (CBA), more than 400 communities already received more than UAH 80 support for their local development initiatives, with more than 470 000 benefiting of these projects. CBA Project covers all regions of Ukraine.

Results of the second year of CBA Project activities were presented during the Steering Committee meeting on 15 October 2009 in the Delegation of the European Commission in Ukraine. Meeting was attended by representatives of key ministries, parliamentary committees and national associations of local authorities. Co-chairing of the meeting, UNDP Resident Representative Olivier Adam noted the important place of the CBA Project activities in Ukraine: “Overall goal of UN in Ukraine is to reach Millennium Development Goals, in this context improving lives of local communities is a key element. Most importantly, the CBA Project manages to involve citizens to solving of local problems”. 

Working with 1000 rural communities, CBA Project implements nationwide community self-empowerment and regeneration initiatives, contributing to the regions’ sustainable local development. CBA supports regional, district and village/city institutions by developing and maintaining multi-lateral partnerships between communities, central and local governments, private sector and international donors to make a tangible difference to the lives of the local communities.

Main achievements of CBA Project’s second year activities:

-           Establishment of partnerships wish 24 regions and AR Crimea, 200 pilot districts (rayons) and 1000 village councils. 1000 local communities are mobilized to jointly work on improvement of their living quality. In other words, more than 200 000 households (about 275 000 rural area residents) got involved in the project activities to carry out initiatives on improvement of their living conditions.

-           More than 650 trainings were conducted to teach local communities (a) how to create and manage their Community Organization, (b) how to draft, mainstream and implement community development plans; (c) how to prepare and implement their micro-project. More than 11’500 local activists and about 3600 employees of local councils participated in these trainings. 

-           Of 1000 targeted, 404 community projects are approved, still about 600 pilot organizations are in the process of drafting their project documentation. It is expected that all 1000 community projects will be completed within 2010. Communities chose their priorities at general meetings by voting. Statistics shows that 55% of communities prioritized energy saving in local schools, kindergartens and medical institutions, 21% repair local medical institutions and purchase new equipment; 17% opted for installing or repair of water supply system; 6% of projects - purchase of a school bus. Average cost of community project - UAH 144’000. As of October 2009, 15 community projects are completed.

-           Financing is released for 404 approved micro-projects: UAH 26 mln came from CBA Project, UAH 26 mln was allocated from local budgets of different levels (village, district, regional). Communities collect membership fees to contribute to the project (more than UAH 4,5 mln.) and raise funds of local sponsors (about UAH 1 mln).

MrValeriyAsadchev, Head of Poltava oblast state administration participated presented to the Steering Committee his region’s experience of implementation of CBA Project. «Two years of Project’s activities in the region already gave tangible results, which consist in solving existing problems with living conditions, but also mobilize our communities to take their future in their own hands”. 23 community project are approved in Poltava region, most of them solve the problem of water supply. To co-finance community initiatives from local budget, oblast council adopted the decision to approve «Targeted programme of the CBA Project implementation in Poltava region forin 2009-2010».

National stakeholders emphasized the importance of such a project for Ukraine, assured in their continuing support and assistance to CBA initiatives and discussed ways of closer cooperation and coordination of activities for a common goal of Ukrainian government and donors - sustainable local development in Ukraine. CBA Steering Committee reviewed Project’s outlook for 2010: completion of targeted community projects and mobilization of additional resources for further scaling up of CBA..

For further information about CBA Project, please refer to Ms Ganna Yatsyuk Communications and Monitoring Specialist. Теl./fax: (+380 44) 208-3618, (067) 717-70-22. E-mail: