Community Based Approach to Local Development
Tuesday, 03 June 2008

Rayons for Participation in CBA Project Selected in Ivano-Frankivska, Sumska and Chernihivska Oblasts

On 03 June 2008 the list of rayons from Ivano-Frankivska, Sumska, and Chernihivska oblasts that are participating in the Community Based Approach to Local Development (CBA) Project was approved. The ranked applicants were discussed in meetings held in CBA Project central office in Kyiv. Participants of the meeting included Project management from UNDP and Vinnytska oblast implementation unit, representatives from oblast state administration.

Thereby, the following rayons have been selected:

Ivano-Frankivska oblast: 15 rayons have spplied for participation. The selected rayons are as follows: Tlumatsky, Nadvirnyansky, Kolomyjsky, Rohatynsky, Gorodenkivsky, Snyatynsky, Rozhnyativsky, Halytsky rayons. Dolynsky, Bohorodchansky, Tysmenytsky and Yaremchanska town council are in reserve.

Sumska oblast: 12 rayons competed for participation. The selected ones are as follows: Seredyno-Budsky, Krasnopilsky, Yamplsky, Lypovodolynsky, Velykopysarivsky, Trostyanetsky, Okhtyrsky, Burynsky rayons. Sumsky, Nedryhailivsky, Konotopsky and Krolevetsky rayons are in reserve.

Chernihivska oblast: 19 rayons have applied to participate in the CBA Project. The selected rayons are listed below: Koropsky, Schorsky, Sribnyansky, Ripkynsky, Mensky, Borzyansky, Koryukyvsky and Kulykovsky rayons. Chernihivsky, Kozeletsky, Varvynsky and Bakhmansky rayons are in reserve.

A call for application was made at regional seminar held in Oblast state administration with leadership of oblast and rayons. At the seminar the Project team presented the CBA Project implementation strategy on oblast and rayon level, terms of partnership with oblast and rayon authrities and made a call for application.

For the next 3 weeks rayons sent applications, where they had to give information about socio-eonomic state of rayon and certify their readiness to cooperate and meet obligations (Application Form was spread during the seminar and can be found on the CBA Project official web site).

Perspectives and terms of participation in the CBA Project will be presented in village councils of all selected rayons, where villagers and townpeople (from towns with the population up to 10 000 citizens) can unite in a community, define their priorities for living conditions improvement and suggest one project for funding. In each r

ayon 5 projects will be selected on competition basis for funding. Community micro-projects will be financed by the Project (50% of total cost, but no more than $ 10 000), from local budgets (no less than 45%) and by the community (5%).