Community Based Approach to Local Development
Monday, 02 February 2009

Odeska Oblast Communities Take Active Part in the Project

In January the team of Oblast Community Resource Centre visited communities of Pryamobalkivska, novoivanivska, and Ostrivnyanska VCs Arzyzky rayon, communities of Dmytrivska, Bannivska, and Gorodnenska VCs Bolgradsky rayon and informed their members about terms and conditions of participation in the Project.

All visited communities showed great interest in participation in the Project. First dialogues with communities were held in Pryamobalka and Dmitrivka. The rest VCs have to determine the target community and elaborate the list of main problems.
Presentation of the Project main approach which is to mobilize communities, helped Dmytrivka village community to solve one of the problems right during the dialogue wth the community. The case is that inhabitants of one village housing estate suffer from the lack of water in water supply system and its disproportionate distribution. During the dialogue community members decided to buy and establish water meters on their own account to lessen water waste and establish households payment according to the quantity of water supplied.

The trainings series is going to be held after organization of first dialogues in all mentioned above communities for newly created community organizations. So far these communities can use the experience of Zhovtneve, Tabaky, Kholmske, and Vynogradivka villages that started to cooperate with the Project in October-November 2008.