Community Based Approach to Local Development
Tuesday, 02 March 2010


Ternopli, 25 February - members of CBA partner communities from Ternopilska and Lvivska oblasts visited Ivano-Frankivsk to learn the results of the project Improvement of Effective Management of Separate Collection and Residue Utilization in Ivano-Frankivsk and the Region. In 2008, Ivano-Frankivsk won all-Ukrainian competition of projects and programmes on local self-governance development and received a possibility to implement this project. The guests visited community organization “Municipal and Regional Development Center – Resource Center” where presentation of the project Improvement of Effective Management of Separate Collection and Residue Utilization in Ivano-Frankivsk and the Region was made and a short film about the project implementation was shown. Guests also met the head of Economy and Intergation Development Department of the executive board of Ivano-Frankivska city council, also acting as Municipal Governance and Sustainable Development Programme/UNDP Coordinator Mr Bilyk. The delegation also visited a sorting line and newly constructed ground for separate sorting of garbage. Ms Halyna Hrynyuk, Head of the building committee at 25, V. Stusa street shared her achievements with the guests. In Ukraine citizens are provided with garbage disposal only partially. Every year 50,000,000 cubic metres of garbage are stored; it makes 300-400 kg of garbage per person. In the last decade, the volume of garbage per person increased in 40%. Proper garbage collection and disposal will result in the increase of garbage in landfills. Considering shortage of land resources and people’s confrontation over construction of new landfills, overload of exisiting refuse dumps is expected. This can result in an ecological calamity. Similarly, in Ivano-Frankivsk annual accumulation of garbage increases in 10%. In 2009 about 420,000 cubic meters/ 110,000 tons of garbage were disposed to local refuse dump. The project is amed at improving sanitary and ecological conditions in Ivano-Frankivsk and the region. The main project’s objective was creation of a sustainable mechanism of collecting, sorting, transporting, residue utilization and burial of garbage, as well as dicrease of its negative influence on environment and citizens’ health through launching the system of public-private partnership. The project was financed from the funds of all-Ukrainain competition – UAH 500,000, city budget – UAH 400,000, partner-oganization Resource Center – UAH 50,000. Total cost of the project is UAH 950,000.