Community Based Approach to Local Development
Friday, 27 February 2009

EU/UNDP Community Based Approach to Local Development Project Launches Funding of First Community Micro-Projects in Volynska Oblast

On 11 February 2009 at 10 a.m. in the premises of Volynska Oblast Council the meeting concerning funding of Volynska oblast communities micro-project proposals was held.

The representative of the Project team from Kyiv Oleh Baranetsky, deputy head of Volynska OSA Vasyl Baizym, deputy head of Volynska Oblast Counil Borys Zahreva, assistants of Volynska oblast Community resourse centre Oksana Huz and Oleksandr Tchesnyuk, rayon leaders, heads of villages and public organizations attracted by the Project participated in the meeting. Head of Volynska Oblast Council Anatoliy Hrytsyuk and head of Volynska OSA Mykola Romanyuk were also invited to the meeting.

In the process of discussion Volynska Oblast Community Resource Centre presented the report of its activities during 2008. Oksana Huz specified: ‘For successful implementation of the Project understanding and support of all counterparts, namely, local authorities, principles and aims of the Project are indispensable. In our oblast we feel it and are grateful for active assistance in both activities of Volynska Oblast Community Resourse Centre as well as the Project implementation in general.’

Deputy head of Volynska oblast counsil Borys Zahreva mentioned that Volynska oblast council assigned 500 thousand grn. in the budget for projects funding. There is also a possibility that after clear balance devision 300 thousand grn. will be added to this sum.

Partnership agreements were also signed with first community organizations Koptylivska (Koptyliv village) and Stohid (Kysylyn village Lokachivsky rayon). Oleksandr Tchesnyuk emphasized that it was only the beginning. At present 18 communities are elaborating their micro-project proposals, will approve micro-project proposals till the end of March, and receive funding since April.

Oleh Baranetsky specified that the Project is implemented in Volynska oblast on high level, and is considered one of the best.