Community Based Approach to Local Development
Friday, 04 September 2009


At the session held on 04 September 2009 Khersonska Oblast Council approved the budget overfulfilment in 2009 and made amendments to the oblast budget. In particular, it made amendments and additions to the Programme of social and economic development of Khersonska oblast in 2009 in the articles related to co-financing of micro-project proposals of community organizations from Skadovsky, Holoprystansky, Velykolepetysky, Hornostaivsky, Velykopilsky rayons from the oblast budget realized in frames of joint EU/UNDP Community Based Approach to Local Development Project. The decision was preceded by a long consideration of the question by Oblast State Admnistration and its departments, standing commissions from Oblast Council. The discussion resulted in selection of 12 objects of social sphere that cannot receive respective share from local village/ rayon budgets till the end of 2009. First deputy head of Khersonska Oblast State Administration Mr Yakovlev emphasized, ‘We have foreseen an insurance policy – if a community organization cannot attract funds form local budgets due to their scanty funds, oblast counicl will become an insurance policy. We will ensure effective cooperation with the Project and COs so that community organizations realize all planned projects in 40 selected settlements in the oblast’. Total sum of approved financing is UAH 794,000. Thus, community organizations will receive funds from oblast budget to perform capital repair works in secondary comprehensive school of Vysokopillya urban village (UAH 202,000), to repair water supply system in Zaporizhya village, Demydivska village council and a local health post in Katerynivka village, Velykolepetynsky rayon (UAH 123,000), to mprove technical state of a social community center in Heroiske village and kindergartens in Dobropilya and Chornomorske villages, Holoprystansky rayon (UAH 185,000), to realize evergy conservation projects in 4 kindergartens and 1 LHP of Skadovsky rayon, Khersonska oblast (UAH 224,000). It should be noted that the decision to allocate budget funds was supported by the standing commissions of Khersonska Oblast Council practically unanimously. This fact proves growth in understanding of the CBA Project’s cpecificity and efficiency among local authorities of Khersonska oblast.