Community Based Approach to Local Development
Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Each oblast of Ukraine will receive additional quota of micro-projects to be implemented within the framework of CBA Project. Thus, with support of local executive bodies/ bodies of local self-governance and the CBA Project, communities will be able to realize more initiatives to improve living conditions in their settlements. According to terms of partnership, eash region was allocated equal quota of 40 projects (total cost of US $ 400,000 per oblast) and distributed among 8 selected rayons. However, it was found that average project cost of micro-project was less than $ 10,000 in all oblasts. As a result of funds saving, the Project can finance 165 additional community micro-projects. They were distributed oblast-wise as follows: AR Crimea 6 Vinnytska 7 Volynska 3 Dnipropetrovska 6 Donetska 9 Zhytomyrska 6 Zakarpatska 6 Zaporizka 8 Ivano-Frankivska 8 Kyivska 8 Kirovohradska 8 Luhanska 9 Lvivska 4 Mykolaivska 7 Odeska 3 Poltavska 6 Rivnenska 6 Sumska 5 Ternopilska 5 Kharkivska 7 Khersonska 10 Khmelnytska 7 Chernivetska 3 Cherkaska 9 Chernihivska 6 TOTAL 162 Besides, in line with the strategic vision, a policy of ‘bonus quota’ (40++) was envisioned by the Project to be distributed among the best performing oblasts that demonstrated perfect results and are ready to accept and continue to use the Project methodology in the region. This 40++ quota will be allocated till the end of December in line with respective criteria. The additional quotas (40+, 40++) can be utilized in (a) existing 8 rayons or additional rayon(s) from reserve, (b) existing village/city councils or additional village/city councils from reserve, (c) existing community organizations or additional communities from reserve. The additional 40+ quota utilisation follows the following terms of cost sharing: CBA-50%, local authorities-45%, CO-5%. The additional 40++ quota utilization will follow the following terms of cost sharing: CBA-65%, local authorities-30%, CO-5%. The grant for a project will not exceed $ 10,000. Please contact Oblast implementation units/ oblast community resource centers (contacts on web site or Ganna Yatsyuk, CBA Project Communications Specialist, at tel. (044) 280-36-18, e-mail for more information.