Community Based Approach to Local Development
Wednesday, 30 September 2009


On 24 September repaired secondary comprehensive school was officially inaugurated in Banivka village Bolhradsky rayon. Community of Banivka village defined several problems to solve. And the first and the most pressing problem was energy conservation in the local school through replacement of windows and doors. After approval of MPP the CBA project transferred its 50% share, while 45% was allocated from local budgets and the community collected the rest 5% of the funds. Thanks to its unity the community managed to attract additional funds and additionally repaired the blind area and painted the facade. At the official inauguration the community was congratulated by the head of Bolhradsky rayon education department Viktor Vikol, head of rayon finance department Valeriy Abadzhiev, the CBA rayon coordinator Vitaliy Kuruch, the CBA coordinator from Odeska OSA Viktoriya Khmelnychenko-Kalabina, representatives from the Project Olena Rudich and Oleh Rohozin, Banivka village head Viktor Henchev and journalists from local and oblast media. As of today community of Banivka village is the most efficient in Odeska oblast. The Project coordinators from Odeska oblast community resource center visited the community in the end of January, while in this period the community managed to become organized, register community organization BSP village committee Vidrodzhennya-1, prepare MPP, receive funds to realize the project from the local budget and two trances from the CBA Project, complete all the works and ofiicially present results of its activities. Village committee Vidrodzhennya-1 is going to continue its activities. As of today the community is searching for the financial sources to realize its projects. And at the same time it shares its experience with colleagues from other communities in different rayons of Odeska oblast.