Community Based Approach to Local Development
Friday, 01 August 2008

CBA Implementation: News from the Field

Amidst the overall summer mood, implementation of CBA Project is contunuing with the ever increasing intensity. Eventfulness being its major characteristic, reimplementation of CBA Project is contunuing sults and achievements are not lacking either.
Selection of pilot rayons through a competitive procedure was completed in 7 regions: Chernivetska, Khersonska, Lvivska, Odeska, Zakarpatska, Zaporizka oblasts and Crimea. Overall number of rayons engaged in CBA activities amounts to 129 (out of 200 planned).

88 rayons signed formal partnership with UNDP within the framework of CBA implementation. According to the Partnership Agreements, the Parties will cooperate in order to work out mechanisms for participatory decision making and mobilizing resources to finance community-based projects aimed at social integration, recovery and sustainable development. The Agreement also sets out the Parties’ obligations regarding co-financing of community-based Projects.

Further step of Project implementation in the regions presupposes detailed presentations and discussions of the strategy and plan of future cooperation. It is with this aim that rayon seminars were organized for the audience of rayon authorities, employees of rayon administrations and councils, as well as heads of village/town councils. By the end of July, 104 rayon seminars were held.

Involving village/town councils into cooperation is viewed as a necessary step facilitating implementation of the Project and ensuring the sustainability of its results in future. Aiming to select participating villages/towns though a transparent and competitive procedure, calls for participation were announced in each rayon. Activeness and motivation of village/town councils should particularly be noted: July saw 862 applications from village councils. In 43 rayons of 7 oblast selections were completed, with 215 village councils beign selected.

Thus, Zhytomyrska, Ternopilska, Rivnenska and Luhansks oblasts completed the regional launching phase, and started the actual community miobilization activities. It was already initiated in Zhytomyrska, Ternopilska, Rivnenska and Luhansks oblasts where seminars with communities are already in taking place.

5 community meetings in Zhytomyrska oblast resulted in communities’ decision to form an organization and submit a project proposal to CBA.