Community Based Approach to Local Development
Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Crimean Community Nika gives a school-bus for local pupils

17 March 2010 a new school bus was inaugurated in Valentynovo village, Saksky rayon, ARC. This was the first project that local community has realized jointly with EU/UNDP Community Based Approach to Local Development Project. The ceremony was attended by rayon coordinator of CBA Mr. Pohitetsky and other representatives from rayon authorities, as well as village head Mrs. Rudakova and local community members. Project on purchase of a school bus was realized by local community that got organized and formed a community organization Nika to solve local problems, one by one. Community organization consists of 50 members. During the discussion and planning of CO’s activities, community members chose their priority problem, namely procurement of a school bus for 24 pre-school children from Valentynovo village attending kindergarten Skazka (meaning ‘a fairy tale’) in the neighbouring Krymske village. Valentynovo village is located at 13 kilometers distance from the kindergarten; thus parents had to take their children by passing buses or by hitchhiking. Consequently, transportation of children to local kindergarten was a very pressing problem for the community that got villagers united. CO Nika started the active phase of its activities in May 2009 when activists prepared the project’s cost estimate, elaborated and defended their micro-project proposal, organized and held a tender. Total cost of the project is UAH 167,500. The CBA Project allocated UAH 75,000, while Sakska rayon state administration and rayon council allocated UAH 84,000 and community organization Nika provided its share of UAH 8,500. Inauguration of the school-bus was a special moment for Nika community, commemorating their achievement, and the opening turned into a real festive event. Enthusiastic about their first achievement, villagers noted that they would not stop at this, but would try to realize other initiatives to improve living conditions in their settlement.