Community Based Approach to Local Development
Thursday, 02 September 2010

UN Resident Coordinator visits local communities of Donetsk region, congratulates them on succcessful completion of their micro-projects

 561During the visit, local communities told Resident Coordinator how they got organized and started cooperation with international donors and local authorities. Rural community of Lysivka villadge managed to implement two micro-projects: on repair of water supply system (1,7 km long) and repair of local school. Novoekonomichne village community improved energy saving in kindergarten by replacing the windows and doors to plastic ones. In Hrodivka village, community organization solved two most urgent problems by implementing two micro-projects: on energy efficiency in kindergarten and capital repair in local health post (where old windows and doors were also replaced to plastic ones). These projects were implemented within the timeframe of November 2009 – August 2010. Average duration of project implementation is 4 months. Average cost of micro-project is UAH 160’000.
 “For a long time, we didn’t believe that the result is possible. We attended the meetings, but did not believe. When the works on water-supply system started, hope was actually born. Now you see the improved conditions. This is happiness, happiness created by our own hands, jointly – by community organization, authorities and CBA Project”, - shares her impressions Natalya Sergienko, member of community organization of Lysivka village. “People are more confident in our organization, and that the future of our village is in our hands”, - comments Lyudmyla Martynenko, head of CO “Dzherelo”.
 Olivier Adam congratulated communities on outstanding results of self-organization and implementing self-help initiatives. “The results of these micro-projects are the testimony of the great potential of the empowered people. Beyond that, there is a change in mentality that cherishes self-reliance and allows rural communities to efficiently cooperate with different levels of authorities, implementing joint initiatives. We are just a catalyst in this process of unleashing peoples’ potential”. UN Resident Coordinator highly estimated the results achieved in Donetsk region and emphasized that UNDO is highly motivated to look for additional sources of funding for such highly demanded and rewarding initiatives.
 In the framework of his visit to Donetsk region, UN Resident Coordinator also visited Donetsk University of Management. Olivier Adam greeted the students and professors with the beginning of academic year. UN Resident Coordinator presented activities of the United Nations in Ukraine and addressed the questions of the audience. Finally, Memorandum of Understanding between UNDP and the University was signed by Rector Oleksiy Povazhnyi and Olivier Adam. The Memorandum envisages future cooperation for research and dissemination of the concept of sustainable local development with communities’ involvement.
 The Project was launched in Donetsk region on 18 December 2008. Since then 40 self-governed community organization were formed by rural communities to improve their living in partnership with local authorities and the CBA Project through complex renovation, effective use, and systemic management of local facilities. 51 community micro-projects are being implemented. Total cost of these MPs is more than UAH 7,4 million, with UAH 3,5 million allocated by the CBA Project, about UAH 3 million – by village, town and city councils, UAH 407,000 – by district authorities, UAH 40,000 – by private sector and UAH 405,000 – by local communities.
 For further information about the state of the Project implementation in Donetsk please contact:
In Donetsk: Lyudmyla Shynkarenko and Oleksiy Lyzenko, Donetsk OCRC coordinators. Tel. (050) 4177360; E-mail: and

 Contact person in CBA Project central office: Ganna Yatsyuk, CBA Project Communications Specialist at tel./fax: (+380 44) 280 36 18, 280 43 58; E-mail: