Community Based Approach to Local Development
Monday, 16 May 2011

Pupils Learn about ‘Europe’ Constructed by Rural Communities across Ukraine

On March-April 2011 27 regional school teams – winners of the first phase of the competition "Do you know Europe? Help Europe to learn about you!" visited the pilot project "Local Development based community" to explore the approach of joint decision-making and community initiatives to improve living conditions and local development.

Based on the experience, each team will develop a project initiative for their village/ city taking into consideration one of the following community priorities: energy efficiency, healthcare, water management, school transportation, and the environment. Because CBA focuses on the problems of small towns, the teams from large cities can submit projects that support the general mission - sustainable development of the community.

The second stage of competition will be held as a conference in Kyiv: the finalists will present their project papers in front of a jury. This conference will take place in the beginning of May 2011.

We wish good luck and success to all the competing teams!

About the Competition:

Within framework of ‘Ukraine-EU: An all-Ukrainian competition regarding cooperation and local development among senior pupils of Ukraine’ project (hereinafter – the Project) is held among senior pupils ‘Do you know Europe? Help Europe learn about you!’. The project is implemented by the Ukrainian ‘Nashe Radio’ broadcasting station, financed by European Union and supported by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. Expert and methodological support is provided by civil society organization ‘Euroclub: Right and Protection’.

The competition is held in two stages:

The first stage of the Project (by correspondence)—consists of an on-line test regarding the European Union and various aspects of its activities, including technical assistance provided by the EU to Ukraine. 523 teams participated in the online testing. The testing was held during the period of 20-31 January 2011. Finalists have been selected. More information about the first round of the competition can be found at:

The second stage (personal)—is going to be held in Kyiv. There finalists are going to present their project papers.

More information can be found on the website for the competition:

Any questions can be emailed to: