Community Based Approach to Local Development
Thursday, 21 April 2011

After Completion of CBA-I Local Communities of Luhansk Region Continue Cooperation with Local Authorities

After the completion of the first phase of the Community Based Approach to Local Development Project and the successful realization of community micro-projects, local communities continue cooperating with local authorities, using CBA methodology.

For instance, in the Antratsytivski rayon, Luhansk region, since January 2011 three meetings of LHF have been held to discuss the factors of rayon development and the preparation of O&M Fund Regulations. As of today 15 community organizations have been created and are functioning in the rayon; 7 of them have cooperated with international donors.

The district Program, ‘Support and Development of Territories and Local Initiatives in Antratsytivski Rayon in 2011-2013’, is scheduled to take the regular session of the District Council during 04/27/2011. Along with this the Regulations of the contest area community projects will be accepted and approved.

In the Bilovodsky rayon experts from RSA visited local communities to advise them regarding the development and support of local businesses; they discussed with community activists regarding the future maintenance of completed micro-projects and perspectives of cooperation amongst local settlements and international donors.

In Bilokurakynsky rayon leaders of the rayon state administration, rayon council, and village councils cooperated with the established community organizations. The Rayon community resource centre advised local activists, participants in meetings of community organizations, in identifying priority problems and issues of settlements etc.

Svativsky rayon community resource centre advised local community organizations. Meanwhile, local communities take up an active role in other competitions. During the meeting with village chiefs, the head of RC and the CBA coordinator from RSA emphasized the opportunity for village councils to participate in the all-Ukrainian competition of projects and programs of local self-governance. Currently, rayon leaders are considering preparation for ‘Support and Development of territorial communities and other initiatives in Svativsky rayon in 2011-2012’ Programme. In May 2011 three meetings are going to be held with the LHF in the Svativsky rayon to discuss community development plans, and their realization.

Leaders of the Stanychno-Luhansly rayon also actively supported CBA ideas: they held seminars and round tables. Moreover, rayon community resource centre favored the registration of 5 new community organizations.

In the Popasnyansky rayon on 14 April 2011 a meeting of the LDF was held to discuss the establishment of O&M funds, activation of local communities and authorities to participate in all-Ukrainian competition of projects and programs on local self-governance and in grant competition among local community projects and initiatives of the Popasnyansky rayon.

It is worth mentioning that the achievements and successful experiences of pilot CBA communities have inspired other rayons to take action and to solve their own local problems. Thus, for instance, on 09 February 2011 the delegation from Slovianoserbski rayon visited Bobrykivka village community, Antratsytivsky rayon. During the visit the local community and authorities shared their experiences in cooperation with EU/ UNDP Community Based Approach to Local Development Project and other counterparts. Next week a similar program will be organized in the ‘Loza’ community, Kosharska village council, Antratsytivsky rayon.

In the Sverdlovsky rayon, that did not participate in CBA-I, competitive mechanism of supporting local initiatives has already been introduced.