Community Based Approach to Local Development
Thursday, 24 March 2011

Development of Yepifanivka Village beyond International Assistance

On 03 March 2011 the local community discussed the development of perspectives of the Yepifanivka village in CBA Oblast Community Resource Centre. CO Head Lyubov Malykhina presented the activities of local community organizations beyond international assistance projects. As of today rayon authorities support active communities and invite them to disseminate their experience in other settlements. Thus, Mrs. Malykhina was invited to present her experiences at a seminar for village heads regarding the social-economic development of local communities. Furthermore, in the beginning of March she visited the communities of Krasnorechinska, Baranykivska, Bulhakivska, Makiivska village councils and shared her experience with the realized and planned projects of the Yepifanivka community’s mobilization and self-organization with local citizens. She explained that CBA methodology is unified and can be used beyond participation in assistance projects. Even after the repair of the LHP within the framework of the CBA Project, the local community has replaced 3 front doors in a local school, with the total cost of UAH 12,580. As of today the local community encourages citizens to exercise in the local gym and holds fundraising activities though the use of special fundraising boxes.

Currently, CO ‘Pan Yepifan’ has financed the examination of all social utilities in the village and has prepared the respective cost estimate and project documents to be realized. They include:

-             organize a park zone in the village centre, total cost of UAH 52,000;

-             repair of the roof at a local school, total cost of UAH 245, 000 and outside heat insulation, total cost of UAH 121,000;

-             renovate a school basement to be children’s museum, indoor kindergarten, and pet room for the students, total cost of UAH 21,000;

-             renovate Community Development Centre, total cost of UAH 93,000.

As of today local community is preparing a street lighting project, with the utilization of solar energy. The project regarding the repair of the bridge crossing the Borova river has already been submitted and will be financed through the rayon budget.

Moreover, the Yepifanivka community has been nominated to be visited by winners of all-Ukrainian competition among senior pupils ‘Do you know Europe? Help Europe learn about you!’ from Severodonetsk lyceum (

The team of winners from Severodonetsk lyceum is going to visit the Yepifanivka community on 05 April 2011. Activists from CO ‘Pan Yepifan’ will organize a series of interesting events for the guests.

It is important to note that within the framework of the CBA Project CO ‘Pan Yepifan’ was acquainted with CO ‘Agency of Sustainable Development of Luhansk Region’ and has become its official partner since 2009. Currently the two communities are waiting for financial support from the IRF to realize a joint project regarding the modernization of the educational process for 5-year old children in kindergartens and secondary comprehensive schools of the Luhansk region.

Moreover, a rural picture competition will be organized in the Yepifanivka village within the oblast picture competition ‘Format: European Values’, organized by CO ‘Agency of Sustainable Development of Luhansk Region’.