Community Based Approach to Local Development
Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Community-Based Approach Disseminated in Non-Pilot VCs in the Mykolaiv Region

A series of refresher courses and retraining for village heads, and secretaries of village councils were launched in the Mykolaiv oblast refresher centre for officials. One of the training sessions will be dedicated to the development of local communities. Experts from Mykolaiv OCRC will serve as trainers. Furthermore, participants of trainings will learn about the CBA methodology and results of the Project activities in pilot rayons of the region, and about the state of Project implementation in small towns and villages. ‘I advise my colleagues to accept the information, as I have seen the way the CBA methodology works with my own eyes’, said Head of Pokrova village, Mr. V. Karpenchuk. In the 1st quarter of 2011, 320 officials are going to participate in trainings held by Mykolaiv ORCC.