Community Based Approach to Local Development
Thursday, 23 December 2010

More Efficient Together – Principle of Rural Communities in the Donetsk Region

8 of the 18 rayons in the Donetsk region cooperate with the CBA Project. OIU in the Donetsk region and OSA submitted PMU an offer to hold field seminars for the other 10 rayons of the region. The initiative was supported and on the 7, 8, 9 December 2010 three field seminars were held. Some of the participants of the seminars were representatives from Donetska OSA – Advisor of the Governor Mr. Oleksandr Yakutchyk and Head, Cooperation with Public Department, Mrs. Olha Mashtakova. On 07 December 2010 an informative seminar was held in Krasnoarmiyska RSA for representatives from Velykonovosilkivsky, Oleksandrivsky, Yasynuvatsky and Krasnolymansky rayons. Head of Krasnoarmiiska RSA V. Rudenko and head of Krasnoarmiiska RSA M. Kostyuk greeted leaders of the rayons, village heads, community activists. Participants of the seminar were presented the CBA Project and experience of the Project in the Donetsk region. After the break, all participants of the seminar, as well as the rayon leaders, visited the Lysivka village, Krasnoarmiisky rayon and communicated with activists of CO ‘Dzherelo’. The local community has realized an energy saving project in a local school. Furthermore, CO ‘Dzherelo’ won a grant within the framework of the International Renaissance Fund, to repair a school canteen and procure the necessary equipment. On 08 December 2010 a seminar was held in the Telmanivsky rayon for representatives from Volnovakhsky, Pershotravnevy and Volodarsky rayons. Deputy head of Telmanivska RSA Mr. Mykola Kutsmand greeted participants, presented an analysis of the rayons participation in the CBA Project and noted that there were only positive results from the CBA. Furthermore, the seminar participants were presented the CBA Project and experience of its implementation in the Donetsk region. The active discussion that unfolded during the break testified that rayons want to cooperate with the CBA Project, and that the benefits are real. After the meeting participants visited the Hranitne village, Telmanivsky rayon and met activists of CO ‘Talakha’, who demonstrated the results of their activities – a new roof and resrored windows in a local outpatients’ clinic. On 09 December 2010 the Starobeshivsky rayon greeted representatives from Maryinsky, Amvrosiivsky and Shakhtarsky rayons. The head of Starobeshivska RC Mr. Mykola Mykhailov, deputy head of Starobeshivska RC Mr. Stanislav Tkachov and deputy head of Starobeshivska RSA Mr. Hennadiy Honcharov were amongst the participants of the seminar. After the presentation of basic CBA documents, participants asked many questions and showed great interest in participation in the second phase of the CBA Project in the Donetsk region. After the break participants of the seminar met with the representatives from CO ‘Starobeshevo association of citizens’ and head of urban village Starobeshevo Mr. Volodymyr Ilyin. The local community has realized its energy saving MP in a local kindergarten. Representatives from 10 rayons, 100 people (deputy heads of RC, RSA, village heads, community activists) took part in the field seminars, held in the Donetsk region.