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Wednesday, 02 March 2011

Kherson Region Prepares for CBA-II beforehand

The Kherson region has already actively started to prepare for CBA-II. In particular, the Governor adopted a respective direction that approves the new list of OCC members and the list of actions to realize CBA-II by 2014.

Thus, it presupposes the creation of community resource centres in the premises of RSA, concurrence of project documents by respective institutions at all stages of MP realization, commissioning and handover of completed MP, allocation of budget funds, creation of O&M Funds and wide dissemination of the community based approach.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

CBA Achievements, Innovations and Perspectives Presented in Donetsk

UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative, Mr. Olivier Adam held a conference ‘EU/ UNDP Community Based Approach to Local Development Project in Donetsk region: Result, Perspectives, Innovations’, on 25 February to mark the closure of the first phase of the CBA Project in the region, and to outline the perspectives of further region development.

Mykola Zagorujko, Head of Association of local self-governance in the Donetsk region, was among the participants of the conference. Heads of the RSA of pilot rayons and heads of pilot COs presented the results of their cooperation with the Projects. Heads of non-pilot rayons, towns and villages learned from the experiences of their colleagues about the possible ways of establishing cooperation with the Project.

Furthermore, participants discussed perspectives of continuing cooperation with the CBA and presented a pilot project on developing small towns in the Donetsk region. A key factor of the initiative’s success is the opportunity and possible participation it enables of socially responsible business through the use of the proved effective CBA methodology in development of local communities.

One of the important components of the CBA-II is its cooperation with academia. In the Donetsk region the UNDP cooperates with Donetsk State University of Management. At the conference Rector of DSUM Mr. Oleksandr Povazhnyy presented his vision of cooperation between the University and CBA.

The conference was preceded by a meeting between UNDP Resident Representative, Mr. Olivier Adam and Governor of the Donetsk region, Mr. A. Blyznyuk. The partners discussed the results of the cooperation and outlined their vision of further partnership. During the meeting a letter of intent between Donetsk OSA, OC and UN Development Programme, was signed, outlining priorities such as promoting the community based approach and creative effective participatory governance, building local and regional capacity for decentralized development etc.

Mr. Blyznyuk noted that the activity and effectiveness of local communities enabled them to complete their 51 MPs faster than any of the COs in other regions. As one of priorities is dissemination of CBA positive experience, the results of the project seem convincingly effective.

Mr. Adam expressed his gratitude for the support of Donetsk authorities for favoring development of local communities, and assistance of the CBA Project implementation at all stages. He also expressed his hope that many new innovative projects will be realized within the CBA-II.

Community Based Approach to Local Development Project is funded by the European Commission within the framework of the technical assistance Programme and is co-financed and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The project supports communities in all regions of Ukraine to cover the most urgent developmental needs through self-organization, capacity building, and implementation of small-scale community initiatives.

The Project was launched in the Donetsk region on 18 December 2008. Since then 40 self-governed community organizations have been formed by rural communities in partnership with local authorities and the CBA Project. They strive to improve their living conditions through complex renovation, effective use, and systemic management of local facilities. 51 community micro-projects have been implemented. The total cost of these MPs is more than UAH 7.4 million, with UAH 3.5 million allocated by the CBA Project, about UAH 3 million – by the village, town and city councils, UAH 407,000 – by district authorities, UAH 40,000 – by private sector and UAH 405,000 – by local communities.

Saturday, 26 February 2011


Donetsk, 25 February 2011: Olivier Adam, UN Resident Coordinator attended the conference “CBA Project in Donetska Oblast: Results, Perspectives, Innovations” marking the closure of the first phase of CBA Project, and outlining the perspectives of cooperation.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


The inter-regional conference entitiled”Community Initiative in Action: Local Development under Support of EU and UNDP” was held in Ivano-Frankivska oblast state administration. The main goal of the event was to  present the results and exchange success stories generated by the joint EU/UNDPCommunity Based Approach to Local Development Project. Representatives of local communities from 5 Western oblasts of Ukraine shared their experience in self-organization, establishing cooperation with local authorities, designing and implementing initiatives aimed at improving living conditions in their communities.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Rural communities speak about the success of cooperation with CBA

Since 2001 the CBA Project has cooperated with more than 1000 local communities across Ukraine to favor sustainable development of rural territories through the implementation of self-help community initiatives. Experience in the Ivano-Frankivska oblast within the framework of the Community Based Approach to Local Development Project was presented at the conference. The example of the Halych community, that had established the ‘Open Your Heart to People’ charity fund and realized its energy saving project in a local kindergarten, was mentioned. The CO general meeting identified two pressing problems to be solved: namely the reconstruction of the sewage system and repair of the roof of a local kindergarten. The total cost of two MPs was UAH 325,000; the CO’s share was more than UAH 14,000. Representatives from the CO ‘Development Agency of Perechyn town’ presented a success story of self-organization in the Zakarpatska oblast. At the CO general meeting, the local community identified domestic waste disposal as its urgent problem. MP total cost is UAH 189,000. Now the local community is going to solve the problems of sorting and recycling domestic wastes. Experience of rural communities in the Volynska oblast was presented at the conference by activists of the Kysylyn community. In the past two years, the local CO has realized two energy saving MPs: replacement of windows and doors in a local kindergarten-school and the replacement of the roof. The total cost of the two realized MPs sum up to UAH 322,000. Community ‘Dobrobut’, Uvysla village, Ternopilska oblast, has also realized two micro-projects: reconstruction of LHP (UAH 199,000) and energy-saving measures in local schools (UAH 160,000). Furthermore, the local community has collected budget funds (UAH 720,000) to repair the local kindergarten and raised funds to procure furniture and sports equipment. Representatives from CO ‘Regional Development Agency of Holovetska Village Council’, Lvivska oblast, presented the results of the EU/ UNDP assistance through their own success story. In particular, the local community has realized an energy saving project in a local school. The MP’s total cost was UAH 167,000. Head of Operations of the Delegation to the European Union to Ukraine, Ms. Laura Garagnani, and UN Resident Coordinator, Mr. Olivier Adam were also participants of the conference. Mr. Adam noted: ‘The community-based approach requires activation of local citizens and establishment of an effective partnership between the local community and authorities to jointly develop their settlements. This approach has been successfully realized in Ukraine by the UNDP, local authorities and other donors for more than 10 years. CBA’s successful experience is widely recognized abroad; it is important for us that more Ukrainian communities learn about the approach and adopt it’. UNDP/ CBA Community Based Approach to Local Development Project will be realized by March 2011. The initiative is funded by the European Commission within the framework of technical assistance Programme and is co-financed and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with the support of the Government of Ukraine. The CBA budget is €13.3 million with 90% - EU contribution and 10% - UNDP share. The project supports communities in all regions of Ukraine in covering the most urgent developmental needs through self-organization, capacity building, and implementation of small-scale community initiatives. Approval of CBA-II is at its final stage. CBA-II will be implemented for 4 years and will have a budget of € 17 million. For more information about the CBA Project please see:

Monday, 21 February 2011

UNDP Resident Representative and Leaders of the Lviv Region Summarize Realization of Joint Initiatives

On 21 February 2011 Ms. Laura Garagnani, Head of Operations of the Delegation to the European Union to Ukraine and Mr. Olivier Adam, UN Resident Coordinator visited the Univ village in Lvivska oblast. During their visit to the Lvivska oblast, Mr. Olivier Adam and Ms. Laura Garagnani met with the Deputy Head of the Lvivska oblast state administration Mr. Myron Yankiv and Head of the Lvivska oblast council Mr. Oleh Pankevych to discuss the results of the cooperation and perspectives for further implementation of common EU/UNDP Project CBA. Other participants of the meeting were the heads of RCs and RSAs of active rayons in Lviv reagion, representatives from pilot communities, and representatives from the oblast implementation unit. Heads of the Sambirsky and Starosambirsky rayons presented the results of cooperation with the CBA Project and informed participants about the impact that community self-organization had on local development. The pilot community from Zavodske village, Busky rayon, presented its experience of self-organization and realization of energy saving MP in a local kindergarten and school. The partners also discussed perspectives of continuing cooperation within the framework of the second phase of the CBA Project. After the meeting, members of the delegation visited the Univ village, Peremyshlyansky rayon, Lviv region to see the results of the MP realization, as well as other CO initiatives launched within the frames of the CBA Project.
Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Community-Based Approach Disseminated in Non-Pilot VCs in the Mykolaiv Region

A series of refresher courses and retraining for village heads, and secretaries of village councils were launched in the Mykolaiv oblast refresher centre for officials. One of the training sessions will be dedicated to the development of local communities. Experts from Mykolaiv OCRC will serve as trainers. Furthermore, participants of trainings will learn about the CBA methodology and results of the Project activities in pilot rayons of the region, and about the state of Project implementation in small towns and villages. ‘I advise my colleagues to accept the information, as I have seen the way the CBA methodology works with my own eyes’, said Head of Pokrova village, Mr. V. Karpenchuk. In the 1st quarter of 2011, 320 officials are going to participate in trainings held by Mykolaiv ORCC.
Wednesday, 02 February 2011

Lyudmyla Yanukovych Admits the Success of Pilot Community in Bobrykove Village, Luhansk Region

On 29 January Mrs. Lyudmyla Yanukovych visited a community of the Bobrykove village, Antratsytivsky rayon, Luhansk region. She took part in the official inauguration of the community culture center, visited the concert prepared by children’s circles and communicated with villagers. In her speech Mrs. Yanukovych noted that she knew about cooperation between Bobrykivska village council and UNDP; 3 micro-projects had already been realized, and it was a pleasure for her to see the results of this cooperation. In the evening Mrs. Yanukovych assessed one of realized MP – street lighting.
Thursday, 20 January 2011

Innovative technologies in community micro-projects

In the Velyka Oleksandrivka village, Novotroitsky rayon, Khersonska oblast, and the Andriivka urban village, Berdyansky rayon, Zaporizka oblast local communities installed a frequency transformer at a local pump station to save 30-80% of electric energy. In the kindergarten ‘Zirochka’, Kaharlyk village, Biliaivsky rayon, Odeska oblast 14 solar collectors have been installed, while in Novi Martynovychi cillage, Novomartynovytska VC, Pyryatynsky rayon, Poltavska oblast, solar modules have been installed to light streets.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

More Efficient Together – Principle of Rural Communities in the Donetsk Region

8 of the 18 rayons in the Donetsk region cooperate with the CBA Project. OIU in the Donetsk region and OSA submitted PMU an offer to hold field seminars for the other 10 rayons of the region. The initiative was supported and on the 7, 8, 9 December 2010 three field seminars were held. Some of the participants of the seminars were representatives from Donetska OSA – Advisor of the Governor Mr. Oleksandr Yakutchyk and Head, Cooperation with Public Department, Mrs. Olha Mashtakova. On 07 December 2010 an informative seminar was held in Krasnoarmiyska RSA for representatives from Velykonovosilkivsky, Oleksandrivsky, Yasynuvatsky and Krasnolymansky rayons. Head of Krasnoarmiiska RSA V. Rudenko and head of Krasnoarmiiska RSA M. Kostyuk greeted leaders of the rayons, village heads, community activists. Participants of the seminar were presented the CBA Project and experience of the Project in the Donetsk region. After the break, all participants of the seminar, as well as the rayon leaders, visited the Lysivka village, Krasnoarmiisky rayon and communicated with activists of CO ‘Dzherelo’. The local community has realized an energy saving project in a local school. Furthermore, CO ‘Dzherelo’ won a grant within the framework of the International Renaissance Fund, to repair a school canteen and procure the necessary equipment. On 08 December 2010 a seminar was held in the Telmanivsky rayon for representatives from Volnovakhsky, Pershotravnevy and Volodarsky rayons. Deputy head of Telmanivska RSA Mr. Mykola Kutsmand greeted participants, presented an analysis of the rayons participation in the CBA Project and noted that there were only positive results from the CBA. Furthermore, the seminar participants were presented the CBA Project and experience of its implementation in the Donetsk region. The active discussion that unfolded during the break testified that rayons want to cooperate with the CBA Project, and that the benefits are real. After the meeting participants visited the Hranitne village, Telmanivsky rayon and met activists of CO ‘Talakha’, who demonstrated the results of their activities – a new roof and resrored windows in a local outpatients’ clinic. On 09 December 2010 the Starobeshivsky rayon greeted representatives from Maryinsky, Amvrosiivsky and Shakhtarsky rayons. The head of Starobeshivska RC Mr. Mykola Mykhailov, deputy head of Starobeshivska RC Mr. Stanislav Tkachov and deputy head of Starobeshivska RSA Mr. Hennadiy Honcharov were amongst the participants of the seminar. After the presentation of basic CBA documents, participants asked many questions and showed great interest in participation in the second phase of the CBA Project in the Donetsk region. After the break participants of the seminar met with the representatives from CO ‘Starobeshevo association of citizens’ and head of urban village Starobeshevo Mr. Volodymyr Ilyin. The local community has realized its energy saving MP in a local kindergarten. Representatives from 10 rayons, 100 people (deputy heads of RC, RSA, village heads, community activists) took part in the field seminars, held in the Donetsk region.