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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk and ARC Exchange Experience in Development of Local Communities

On 14-15 October CBA partners from AR Crimea, Donetska and Dnipropetrovska oblasts exchanged their experiences in the realization of community initiatives. A delegation from ARC visited Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk oblasts to learn about the experiences of OIUs, to see the cooperation between local authorities and communities, and to exchange experiences with representatives from local communities. The delegation from ARC consisted of Advisor, Standing Commission on Self-Governance Olha Sapeha, First Deputy Head, Association of Local Self-Governance in ARC and Sevastopol Radmila Holosova, First Deputy Head of Sakska RSA Serhiy Zolkin and others. Donetska Oblast State Administration was presented by the Advisor of the Governor Mr. Oleksandr Yakutshyk, and Head, Cooperation with Public Department, Mrs. Olha Mashtakova. Participants of the meeting watched a film about the experience of the Donetska oblast in the implementation of the CBA Project. Representatives from the Donetska oblast shared their experiences of successful MPs realization with the guests. In particular, they noted the following important constituents: explanatory work among local citizens, active participation of local authorities, coherent prioritization of local problems, and support of the local community. ARC delegation also visited the Krasnoarmiisky rayon to meet rayon leaders, and visited the RCRC. Then the guests visited Mykolaivka and Lysivka villages, Krasnoarmiisky rayon, where local communities presented their experience of MP realization and shared the secrets to their success. On 15 October the delegation learned about the experiences of the Dnipropetrovska oblast. In Pavlohrad the guests visited a community resource center and communicated with representatives from authorities of all levels: 9 VC heads, head of RC and CBA coordinator from OSA Mr. Oleksandr Mayetnyi. The delegation also visited two rural communities in the Dnipropetrovska oblast: Pryvovchanska CO ‘Dobrobut’ has repaired their local kindergarten and Bohuslavska CO repaired local outpatients’ clinic and procured the necessary medical equipment.
Thursday, 02 September 2010

UN Resident Coordinator visits local communities of Donetsk region, congratulates them on succcessful completion of their micro-projects

Donetsk, 1 September 2010: UN Resident Coordinator Olivier Adam visited several villages of Donetsk region to participate in inauguration of projects implemented by local communities in cooperation with local authorities and EU/UNDP Community Based Approach to Local Development Project.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

UN Resident Coordinator highly estimates the results of partnership between communities and local authoritires of Dnipropetrovsk region

On 11 August 2010, the third sitting of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Coordination Council gathered the representatives of regional, rayon councils and local communities to review the results of two-years’ cooperation on empowerment of local communities and improvement of living conditions in rural areas, implemented within the framework of EU/UNDP CBA.

Thursday, 08 July 2010

Lviv Region: Sambirsky Rayon Launches Competition of Mini-Grants among Local Communities

Local authorities support the CBA methodology and disseminate it beyond pilot rayons. The Sambirsky rayon, and Lviv region, were the first among the rayons of the region to launch the Programme ‘Mini-projects to support and develop local initiatives of territorial communities and community organizations in the Sambirsky rayon’. In an interview, Deputy Head of Sambirska RC Vitaliy Kimak noted: ‘Cooperation between Sambirsky rayon and Polish communes was established five years ago when we shared experience in organizing activities of local self-governance bodies and in solving current problems. Then active heads of communities began attending international seminars, and trainings. The agency of the regional development of Sambirsky rayon played an important role in this process. In the beginning local communities received UAH 5,000 to solve their minor problems. Later local communities won grants and received more funds to solve pressing problems. Simultaneously, local authorities took an interest in these programmes. Winning the competition within Community Based Approach to Local Development Project opened us up to new possibilities and gave the local communities grants summing up to $ 70,000. Thanks to the CBA Project we have obtained important experience, and the local communities have become more active. The Rayon Council decided to launch a competition to take part in the Programme ‘Mini-projects to support and develop local initiatives of territorial communities and community organizations in the Sambirsky rayon’. With this purpose UAH 250,000 was allocated from the rayon budget. In the end of June the competition will be announced among community organizations, bodies of self-organization of population and of action groups. Village heads cannot apply, as their interests do not always coincide with those of local community; but if a village head has a good idea, he/ she can realize it through his/ her community. In line with the adopted rules mini-grants can be spent to realize any initiative on education, culture, sports, youth’s leisure, upbringing, cherishing traditions, patriotic education, and recreational development. Applications from communities, which have experience in cooperation with national and international grant programmes, require financing. This year we are going to receive UAH 400,000 from international funds. We have studied the experience of cooperation between international funds and Donetska and Rivnenska OC. Lvivska city council has already obtained such opportunities, and now the experience has been adopted by the Lvivska oblast council. Objectives of the Programme are as follows: 1) support and develop community initiatives aimed at improving living conditions; 2) advance rural communities’ capability to attract resources to develop social infrastructure; 3) unite available resources of local self-governance and local communities to solve pressing problems; 4) support and develop generally useful activities of territorial communities; 5) stipulate activities of community organizations and action groups in the rayon to solve special tasks of self-governance and executive bodies. Furthermore, we are going to allocate funds from the rayon budget to partially finance the Kulchytsky festival, youth camping, sports competitions, etc. As of today, within the framework of the cooperation with the UNDP, a kind of village development agency, 9 community organizations have been created in Kalyniv, Hordynya, Kornalovychi, Blazhiv, Volya Baranetska, Vilshanyk, Chaikovychi, Palivka villages and Dublyany urban village. Currently they do not need help to raise funds from international donors to solve local problems. Moreover, RC and RSA have created a local development fund and community resource centre. Like in the year 2009, this year UAH 180,000 will be allocated from rayon budget to co-finance grants. Seven rural communities have received $ 10,000 each from the UNDP to procure a school bus in the Volya Baranetska village, repair community centers in Kalyniv and Hordynya villages, initiate energy saving project in Blazhiv, Vilshanyk, Chaikovychi villages, renovate local outpatients’ clinic in Kornalovychi village etc. Local communities are going to complete all projects by the end of the year. I also wish to take this opportunity to invite all the active citizens of the Sambirsky rayon to take part in the competition. Application forms are available at the rayon council. Grants will differ from UAH 5,000 UAH 60,000’.
Friday, 04 June 2010


How do rural communities develop in one Ukraine’s most powerful industrial region? What is the impact of citizens’ joint effort on local development? How do regional and local authorities cooperate with communities and support local initiatives? These were the issues on the agenda of first meeting of Donetsk Oblast Coordination Council created to coordinate implementation of joint EU/ UNDP Community Based Approach to Local Development Project (CBA) in the region
Thursday, 03 June 2010

Khmelnytsk Region: Local Community Reconstructs Kindergarten

On 01 June, a reconstructed kindergarten was officially inaugurated in Holenyschevo village, Letychivsky rayon. The Executive Officer, Khmelnytska OSA, Svitlana Hornysheva, head of Letychivska RC Mykola Krutouz, CBA community development assistant Vyacheslav Tretyak, and the local community all attended the event. The project has been realized within the framework of the EU/ UNDP Community Based Approach to Local Development Project. A tripartite agreement between the CBA Projects, Khmelnytska OSA, and OC was signed in May 2008. In the Holenyschevo village the local community has created a community organization ‘Zhuravlyk’ that decided to install heating, water supply and sewerage systems in a local kindergarten. To realize the project local citizens raised more than UAH 7,000; approximately UAH 66,000 was allocated from the rayon budget, and about UAH 73,000 – by EU. Svitlana Hornysheva expressed her gratitude towards CBA representatives for their assistance, towards local community – for active participation in development of the settlement.
Thursday, 18 March 2010

EU, UNDP praise local communities in South-East regions for outstanding partnership results, vow to continue community-based development initiatives across Ukraine

Representatives of five non-governmental rural organizations from Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Luhansk, Mykolayiv and Kharkiv regions (Regions) have presented the results of local initiatives implementation for improving living conditions in rural territories, which became possible with financial support from the European Union and United Nations Development Programme.
Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Crimean Community Nika gives a school-bus for local pupils

17 March 2010 a new school bus was inaugurated in Valentynovo village, Saksky rayon, ARC. This was the first project that local community has realized jointly with EU/UNDP Community Based Approach to Local Development Project. The ceremony was attended by rayon coordinator of CBA Mr. Pohitetsky and other representatives from rayon authorities, as well as village head Mrs. Rudakova and local community members.
Tuesday, 02 March 2010


Ternopli, 25 February - members of CBA partner communities from Ternopilska and Lvivska oblasts visited Ivano-Frankivsk to learn the results of the project Improvement of Effective Management of Separate Collection and Residue Utilization in Ivano-Frankivsk and the Region. In 2008, Ivano-Frankivsk won all-Ukrainian competition of projects and programmes on local self-governance development and received a possibility to implement this project.
Friday, 26 February 2010


Kherson, 25 February - Oblast Coordination Council meeting was held in the premises of Khersonska Oblast State Administration. The meeting was chaired by deputy head of Oblast State Administration Mr. Hradil, with participation of the head of External Policy and Foreign Economic Activities Department Mrs Samsonenko. Agenda of the meeting included such issues as preparing the report on documentation of regional experience in development of local communities.