Місцевий розвиток орієнтований на громаду
Середа, 14 жовтня 2009


Kharkiv, 14 October - First completed micro-project was inaugurated in Kharkivska oblast: a school bus was procured for pupils from Hohine and Prykilotne villages, Velykoburlutsky rayon. At its first general meeting, community of Prykolotnyanska village council identfied transportation of pupils and pre-school children as a priority problem. Hohine village that belongs to the same village council is situated far from the urban village. Besides, Prykilotne and Hohine villages are remote from existing bus routes. Consequently, children used to walk 6-8 km from Hohine village to the school/ kindergarten. Cooperating with CBA Project, coordinators in Kharkivska oblast and with support of village and rayon authorities, the community prepared its micro-project proposal to procure a mini-bus for children attanding local kindergarten and school. After approval of the project, CBA project transferred its 50% share, while 45% was allocated from local budgets and the community collected the remaining 5% of the funds. Inauguration of the new bus was attended by head of Kharkivska oblast council, representatives from Oblast state administration, representives from Velykoburlutska rayon state administration and rayon councils and head of Prykolotnyanska village council. They congratulated the community organization Zelenyi Hai with completion of their project, and the children - with the new bus to transport them to school. According to community members, all of them benefited from implementation of the project. Now pupils from Prykolotne village will have a possibility to participate in rayon and oblast sports competitions and ‘olympiads’. First passengers of the new bus was a group of small members of the signing group Kozachata (operating on the school premises since 1980). In 1997, the group won an award in the competition held by the International Fund Vidrodzhennya in Kharkiv. Since then the group has been singing all over Ukraine. But talented children did not have a bus to go to competitions and concerts before. Now they were happy to receive such a gift from their community. Community organization Zelenyi Hai is going to continue its activities. It has already prepared the village development plan that the CO is going to realize in future. The next community’s goal is replacement of windows in local outpatients’ clinic, and community is already looking for the ways to solve this problem. PROCUREMENT OF THE BUS SOLVED THE PROBLEM OF: - transportation of 14 children from Hohine village to Prykolotnyanska secondary comprehensive school (7.5 km) and of 10 children to Prykolotnyansky kindergarten Sonechko (5.8 km); - transportation of 24 children to Prykolotnyanska secondary comprehensive school and Prykolotnyansky kindergarten Sonechko from remote households of the village (4.5-5.5 km); - transportation of 12 children – members of the signing group Kozachata to the railway station in Kharkiv, as well as to oblast and rayon musical contests (an individual schedule); - transportation of children to rayon and oblast sports competitions and olympiads (an individual schedule).