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Середа, 29 квітня 2009

First Community Project of Sumska Oblast To Get Funding From CBA Project

On 29th April 2009 Partnership Agreement between UNDP/CBA Project and community organization Mriya (Buimerska village council) to implement the project School Bus of Buimer Village was officially signed in the premises of the Trostyanetska Rayon State Administration in presence of Head of Trostyanetska RC Mr Kholodov, Deputy Head of Trostyanetska RSA Mr Shutyaev, Head of Buimerska VC.

As of today this community organization is the first in both Trostyanetsky rayon and in Sumska oblast that officially signed agreement to co-finance the project. Cost of micro-project School Bus of Buimer Village amounts 250 516 UAH, of which contribution of the CBA Project is 80 000 UAH, community contribution is 12 526 UAH, rayon budget - 77 990 UAH, oblast funds – 80 000 UAH.

Deputy Head of Trostyanetska RSA Mr Shutyaev mentioned: «It is a pleasure that our communities learn to attract money on social development; and that makes us one step closer to Europe». Head of RSA Education Department Mrs Kasmina congratulated representatives from Buimer village community and specified that «it is nice that there are international projects that are able to help rural communities and rural schools». 

In her turn, head of CO Mriya Mrs Halytska thanked for assistance and support in elaboration of micro-project proposals and assured that it is first but not the last Buimer village project.