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Четвер, 03 червня 2010

Khmelnytsk Region: Local Community Reconstructs Kindergarten

On 01 June, a reconstructed kindergarten was officially inaugurated in Holenyschevo village, Letychivsky rayon. The Executive Officer, Khmelnytska OSA, Svitlana Hornysheva, head of Letychivska RC Mykola Krutouz, CBA community development assistant Vyacheslav Tretyak, and the local community all attended the event. The project has been realized within the framework of the EU/ UNDP Community Based Approach to Local Development Project. A tripartite agreement between the CBA Projects, Khmelnytska OSA, and OC was signed in May 2008. In the Holenyschevo village the local community has created a community organization ‘Zhuravlyk’ that decided to install heating, water supply and sewerage systems in a local kindergarten. To realize the project local citizens raised more than UAH 7,000; approximately UAH 66,000 was allocated from the rayon budget, and about UAH 73,000 – by EU. Svitlana Hornysheva expressed her gratitude towards CBA representatives for their assistance, towards local community – for active participation in development of the settlement.