Community Based Approach to Local Development

Energy Efficiency Component (EEC)

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Ukraine is one of the most intensive energy consuming countries in the world. One of the reasons for its high energy consumption is existence of old technologies (or energy infrastructures) throughout Ukraine which are worn-out and have become highly inefficient. They cause energy loss to about 30%. Repairing or replacing of these technologies will be very costly and time taking.

Plants and natural reserves (such as coal mine, underground oil and gas reserves) form key energy source for Ukraine. They share 79 % of national energy production followed by nuclear energy which shares about 18%. Alternative/renewable energy sources (e.g. water, wind, bio-gas, solar etc.) are still at infancy as they produce only 3% of the total energy produced in the country despite the fact that this source possesses tremendous potential in Ukraine.

From its own energy sources, Ukraine meets only 61% of the energy need with 39% deficit, which is met through import. From time to time, this energy dependency on other counties results in serious threat to economic growth and national security. In this situation, Government policy promotes renewable energy and innovative/efficient energy technology. However, several factors hinder this vision of the government including lack of awareness and skill at local level. CBA Project aims to enhance local capacity by enabling citizens and local authority to learn about these technologies and use them jointly to solve their energy problem in a sustainable way.

CBA Project assists rural Ukrainian communities and local/regional authorities to achieve the vision of energy efficiency through collective action under the framework of its ‘energy efficiency component’. It provides technical and financial assistance such that they can improve energy situation at local level. Key supports include –

  • Energy efficiency strategy development in 6 selected oblasts
  • Seed grants for implementation of 300 micro-projects in 24 regions of Ukraine and AR Crimea
  • Training, roundtables, workshop and exposure visits – for raising awareness and skills;
  • Advocacy/motivation for psychological preparedness – to come together and to act together;

Total budget for EEC is $ 3 650 000. Detail of the methodology pertaining to EEC is given in CBA Manual on implementation of the Energy Efficiency component. 

Regionwise detail of EEC activity can be viewed bellow and aggregated version of the status can be viewed in the table.


Regions of advanced piloting

Regions of normal piloting