Community Based Approach to Local Development

Methodology Replication

During first phase, CBA activity got spread across Ukraine involving 25 regions, more than 200 rayons, more than 1100 local councils and more than 1100 local communities. Through appropriate support structures in place and through training and micro-project support, citizens and authorities learned the art of addressing local development agenda in a participatory manner and in a sustainable way. It generated large amount of information and experience. About half a dozen universities got involved in utilising the experience into their curriculum. Demand for CBA support surpassed its capacity to fulfill. Some regional/local partners ventured to utilise CBA methodology in fulfilling the demand through their own budget. They did it successfully, since they had trained staffs, CBA operational guidelines and successful examples at hand. In this background, CBA-II has envisioned to promote replication of CBA methodology under the framework of its ‘methodology replication component’ (MRC).

Under MRC, CBA provides technical and financial support to for replication of CBA methodology. While training support is the same as in regular component, seed grant support from CBA is reduced to about 25% (from 50% in case of regular) with reciprocal increase in the cost sharing from local budget. Also, responsibility of implementing the methodology lies higher on the shoulder of the partners. It is expected that with the institutional structures in place, large number of trained officials and community activists, successful examples and knowledge management facility, the authorities nationwide will be able to utilise CBA methodology on full scale at some point of time in future.

MRC has a budget of € 367,500. Methodology replication has been undertaken in 21 regions by 61 rayon authorities. About 244 local councils and 244 local communities are expected to participate in this activity. Detail information is available in the Project  reports.