Community Based Approach to Local Development


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The aim of the Project is to improve the living conditions of local communities and to strengthen management with community participation. For this purpose the Project supports implementation of local initiatives which are reflected in the form of "micro-projects" or "community projects" through small grants based on equality, readiness to work, sustainability and co-financing principles. These priorities are developed by COs and are included into local development plans through participatory decision-making.

During the first phase of the CBA Project managed to extend the community based approach to local development throughout the country. This contributed greatly to the strengthening of participatory governance, provided support and building of local capacities for community development and encouraged cooperation between communities and local authorities. Although it has been some progress in improving transparency, accountability and quality of public services it still remains the possibility for further improvements and dissemination of community based approach. The second phase of the CBA Project was designed for scaling-up this approach and dissemination of the knowledge and best practices ofcommunity based approach to local development.

Community Projects are implemented in frame of a) "main" component and b) "replication methodology" component.

a) Main component. The total cost of all approved community micro-project proposals in frame of the "main" component at the end of 2012 was about 136,2 million grivnas. In accordance to the agreement on co-financing micro-projects were financed from the local budget (48,2%), 12,9% of which was the contribution of the village/city budget, 32,2% - from the rayon budget and 3,1% - from the regional budget. On average the contribution of the CBA Project was 42,4%.  Average contribution of COs was 7,4 %. Communities also managed to attract private sector for co-financing of their initiatives - 2%.

779 community micro-project proposals have been approved by the end of 2012. They can be divided according to the following priorities: 77,8 % focused on energy saving (replacement of windows, doors, replacement of heating systems), health (10,9%), municipal water supply (10,7%) and environmental protection (0,6%).

About 900 000 residents have benefited from the implementation of these micro-projects.

b) Replication methodology. Replication methodology component foresees the co-financing of the micro-projects in accordance with the principle: 70% - local/rayon/regional authorities, CBA Project - 25% (maximum 2600 USD in grivna equivalent), and community organization - 7%.

By the end of 2012 67 micro-project proposals have been approved with the total budget of 5,1 million grivnas. According to the co-financing scheme 7,6% of funds were collected by communities, 70% were allocated from the local budget, 18,9% came in the form of grants from the CBA Project and 3,5% of funds were the costs from private entrepreneurs.

Approved micro-project proposals are distributed in the following areas: 77,6% - energy saving measures, 10,4% - health, water supply – 4,5% and protection of environment – 4,5%.

The list of micro-projects implemented in frame of CBA-I can be viewed at: