Community Based Approach to Local Development
Wednesday, 16 October 2013

CBA Boosts Energy Efficiency in Lvivska Oblast

Lvivska oblast, along with other 5 oblasts (Dnipropetrivska, Ivano-Frankivska, Kharkivska, Zakarpatska and Zaporizka), was selected for advanced energy efficiency piloting in 2012. So far, updating of regional energy strategy has been completed and micro-projects preparation is in the process.

The oblast authorities expressed their desire to pursue a set of activities to promote energy efficiency in the region. CBA’s support will help them expedite their vision.

According to the agreement, the facility will consist of UAH 320 000,00 allocated by UNDP and UAH 650 000,00 from regional budget. It will facilitate preparation of technical documentations for innovative micro-projects in villages, and build capacities for supporting structures such as Lviv energy cluster, laboratory for energy audit, community web-resource and interactive map, providing a pool of real-time data on sources, producers, services and consumers in the area of innovative energy.

With using solar energy, bio fuel and other renewable energy sources, rural people in Lvivska oblast will improve their living conditions and make savings for further development of their villages. In her speech during the panel discussion, Ms. Rieger stressed on significance of human development and need to change focus of public administration towards support of social and economic initiatives: “People are the biggest value, but not just economic indexes. Now there are more and more countries in the world where the economic development rate may be not so high, but due to integrated social and economic policies, a stable improvement of people’s life can be observed.”

Lviv region participates in the CBA Project since 28 March, 2008. In 2011 the second phase of the Project in Lviv oblast started and within it 54 microprojects were already approved for implementation and eight are on the list. Among them there are 48 microprojects in energy saving in schools and kindergartens, 2 in water supply installation, 3 in healthcare, one microproject focused on environment issues. It is planned that additionally eight microprojects will address energy efficiency issues involving innovative technologies. As a result, 60361 community members benefited from the CBA-II Project implementation in the region. The total cost of microprojects is UAH 10 316 864, out of which CBA Project provides UAH 4 087 556, UAH 5 506 273 given from local budgets, UAH 657 922 is an input of community organisations, UAH 65 113 – private sector contribution.

Lvivska oblast is the most developed territory in the Western Ukraine. The population is 2.5 million people, that makes 5.4% of population of Ukraine. The Region consists of 20 districts, including 43 towns and 1859 villages. Urban population makes up 61% of total quantity. Lviv Oblast ranks 5th among 27 regions in Ukraine by population (5.6%) and 9th by contribution to the country’s GDP (3.9%).