Community Based Approach to Local Development


Establishment of formal partnership with local/regional authorities through signing of partnership agreement is essential to formalize the role and commitment of the partners and to provide an official basis to work with community organizations. It is planned that in the 2nd phase of CBA Project, partnership will be established with all oblast state administrations and councils, Verkhovna Rada of AR Crimea and Council of Ministers of AR Crimea; 200 rayon state administrations and councils; 900 village/city councils.

With an aim to launch  the second phase of the CBA Project in each region, regional seminars were held in order to inform about modality of CBA-II, sign Partnership Agreement with regional authorities and announce the competition among rayons.

During August 2011, applications of rayons were analyzed and ranked, based on the criteria of social-economic hardships. These rankings were discussed with representatives of oblast state administrations at the rayon selection meetings. Lists of pilot and reserve rayons were approved.

Pilot and reserve rayons, VC/CC, RCRC and focal persons per oblast