Community Based Approach to Local Development
Ternopil region
Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Citizens of Ternopilska oblast will get familiar with results of CBA Project in 'Europe by eyes of Ukrainian'

A TV programme 'Europe by eyes of Ukrainian' was recorded in Ternopilska oblast. The programme will reveal main achievements and future perspectives of joint EU/UNDP Project 'Community Based Approach to Local Development' in Ternopilska oblast. Through this TV programme audience will have possibility to get ackwaintance on main results of the second phase of the Project in Ternopilska oblast and also about launching of third phase of the Project.

Before,  the process of the Project's implementation was presented in different information and theme programme of the oblast TV forecast. During live broadcast interactive communication with community representatives took place. 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Тернопільчани дізнаються про основні результати впровадження Проекту МРГ в програмі «Європа очима українців»

У Тернополі відбувся запис телепрограми «Європа очима українців» про основні досягнення та подальші перспективи впровадження Проекту ЄС/ПРООН «Місцевий розвиток, орієнтований на громаду»(МРГ)  в області.  Завдяки передачі глядачі Тернопільської обласної державної телекомпанії дізнаються про основні результати впровадження другої фази Проекту МРГ на Тернопільщині, а також про початок Третьої фази Проекту.

Раніше процес реалізації Проекту широко висвітлювався в різних інформаційних та тематичних програмах обласного телебачення області, під час прямих ефірів, інтерактивного спілкування тощо.

Friday, 30 December 2011

Step 5. Community’s activity plans and integration of plans into development plans of rural areas

Community based approach implementation involves "bottom-up" planning with the vast number of people from those localities where Project is being implemented. With this purpose active members of communities in Ternopil region conduct surveys of local residents with special questionnaires to indicate major, in their opinion, problems of a village. The main idea of this planning is that the locals best know their problems and plans, initiated directly by the people, have more weight than the plans of representative character. The direct participation of people in planning also significantly enhances their activite participation in the process of implementing these plans.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Step 4. Self-organization of local communities by conducting the first dialogues and trainings for leaders

Read more...First dialogues were the initial step to self-organization of communities in selected areas. The purpose of these dialogues was not only information about the objectives and approach of the Project but also the awakening of trust to the Project in people and activation of communities. During September - December 2011 27 such dialogues were held, where the creation of 27 NGOs was initiated, 5 more meetings were held with the communities that are officially registered their organizations outside of the CBA Project, 5 dialogues with communities that participated in the first phase of the CBA were held.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Step 3. Conducting seminars in selected village councils

Workshops in village councils, where methodology of the project and the steps of its implementation were presented, village councils were selected for the Project, partnership agreements were signed, were held during September - November 2011. As a results 37 workshops with 1005 participants were held, 37 communities selected for the Project, out of which 32 are new communities and 5 are the members of the first phase of the CBA.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Step 2. Conducting seminars in the pilot rayons and the selection of village/city councils for the cooperation with CBA Project

Read more...Project launching rayon seminars in Ternopil oblast were held from 22 August 2011 to 8 September 2011 in each rayon selected for the project. They the terms of cooperation were presented, the relevant agreements solemnly been signed, contests for local councils who want to cooperate with the project was announced. By September 15, 2011 all willing local councils have sent their application for participation in the project. As a result 162 applications from village / city council in Ternopil oblast have been sent to Regional Community Resource Center; they were processed with special UNDP method and evaluated in a ranking table. Results of ranking were agreed with the Central Office of Project and were discussed on the selection committees, which took place on 9, 15 and 20 September 2011 in Ternopil OIU.

Thursday, 01 September 2011

Visit of Mr. Olivier Adam, UNDP Resident Representative in Ukraine to Ternopil region

Mr. Olivier Adam, UNDP Resident Representative in Ukraine visited Ternopilska oblast during 30-31 August, 2011. During the visit, he met with Mr. Zhelihovskyi, Deputy Head of Ternopil OSA and Sergey Tarashevsky, first deputy head of Ternopil Oblast Council. The results of the implementation in the first phase of the EU / UNDP Project CBA and common tasks of authorities, communities and UNDP in its second phase, which started in June 2011 were discussed, other possibilities of cooperation of Ternopilska oblast with international donors were reviewed.

Wednesday, 06 July 2011

Step 1. Regional Project Seminar and rayon selection: CBA-II in Ternopil region

Read more...The launch of the second phase of the EU/ UNDP Project CBA in Ternopil oblast was officially announced on July 4, 2011 in Ternopil city. This happened during the regional seminar, which was held with the participation of Zhelihovskyi Georgiy and Nicholai Golovach, the deputy heads of OSA, Sergey Tarashevskoho, first deputy head of Oblast Council, Jaysingh Sah, International Project Manager, CBA, Tatyana Matiychyk, Deputy Head of the Department of Cooperation with Verkhovna Rada and regions of the Secretariat of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, heads of all districts and specialized departments of Oblast Administration, representatives of regional media and COs.