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Kharkiv region is an eastern part of Ukraine. It borders with Russia to the north and such regions as Luhansk, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava and Sumy. Kharkiv region territory occupies 5.2% of the total area of Ukraine with a population of about 2.7 mln. About 81% of the region population lives in cities and towns.

Kharkiv region includes 27 rayons, 17 cities, 61 urban villages, 1, 677 villages.

The largest cities and towns of the region are Kharkiv, Chuhuiv, Izium, Kupiansk, Lozova and Liubotyn.

Kharkiv region is primarily industrial. There are such industrial branches as engineering, metallurgy, manufacturing, production of chemicals and food processing. Its’ agricultural sector is also developed due to holding 5.9 % of the total arable lands of Ukraine.

Also situated in Kharkiv region is a gas field, which is one of the biggest in Ukraine.

The EU/UNDP CBA Project Implementation in Kharkiv Region

Kharkivksa oblast started its partnership with the EU/UNDP CBA Project in 2008. After successful completion of micro projects within first phase, partnership agreement with CBA Project was signed on July, 11th 2011 for 4 years of second phase. During two phases of the EU/UNDP CBA Project, 83 micro projects were implemented, (77% of which belonged to energy saving/efficiency category). As a result, more than 65 thousand citizens of rural communities improved their living conditions including better learning environment in schools/kindergarten, improved health and reduced energy bills.

Energy Efficiency in Kharkiv Region. Kharkivska oblast became a partner also in piloting component on energy efficiency. Within this component, a strategic program of oblast development in energy efficiency realm was developed with participation of the EU/UNDP CBA Project experts.

During the cooperation with the EU/UNDP CBA Project within energy efficiency component, Kharkivska oblast developed project-estimated documentation for installation of modular boiler utilizing modern and energy efficient gas boiler for city micro district (around 60 multi apartment buildings). Relevant technical documentation was developed for distribution in at least 14 residential areas in Kharkiv city and 34 residential areas of Kharkivska oblast. Besides, 9 community micro projects were supported with using alternative sources of energy and innovative energy technologies.

The Third phase of the EU/UNDP CBA Project was initiated in Kharkiv region with regional launching and signing of MoU which took place on 8 October 2014. The oblast received a quota of 8 rayons for standard\replication components. Rayons selected for the EU/UNDP CBA-III Project: Kharkivskyi, Chuhuivskyi, Velykoburlutskyi, Barvinkivskyi, Balakliiskyi, Sakhnovshchynskyi, Krasnohradskyi, Zolochivskyi.

Micro project approved as of   6 April 2016: 16 micro projects (1 – health, 10 – energy saving, 5 – energy efficiency). Around 27,000 persons will benefit from implementation of these initiatives. Total budget for the initiatives is approx. UAH 3.9 mln (USD 143,119). UNDP will provide around UAH 2.8 mln (USD 102,752). 2 cities supported for partnership in the EU/UNDP CBA Project within the framework of the urban development component – Merefa and Chuhuiv.

Microprojects approved as of 6 April, 2016: 12 micro-projects (6 in Merefa and 6 in Chuhuiv). Around 6,000 people will benefit from implementation of these initiatives. Total budget for the initiatives is around UAH 6.5 mln (approximately USD 239 ths). The EU/UNDP CBA Project will provide approx. UAH 2.7 mln (more than USD 100 ths). 

The EU/UNDP CBA Project support for Internally Displaced Persons. The EU/UNDP CBA Project supported 4 microprojects in Kharkiv oblast aimed to address this issue: reconstruction of premises of Youth sport school in Balaklijvskyi rayon, town Balaklija;  adaptation of premises of Home for elderly people for IDPs with disabilities in Kharkivsky rayon, town Khorosheve for a total amount of UAH 1,3 mln.; reconstruction of premises of communal building in Barvinkovskiy rayon, town Barvinkove; and adaptation of premises of hostel of the psychoneurological boarding school for IDPs with special needs, capital repair of the building # 6, Izumskiy rayon, village Chernovnyi Oskil



  • men, women and children

CBA Microprojects in Kharkiv region

  • schools / kindergartens
  • health posts
  • water supply
  • street-lightning


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