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9 New Oblasts Study New Methodology of Self-Assessment Tool For Sustainable Local Development


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13-15 August 2014 cluster training was held in Sumy for coordinators of CBA Project and for representatives of oblasts and rayons of 9 eastern and central regions of Ukraine (Chernihivska, Kyivska, Poltavska, Kharkivska, Cherkaska, Kirovohradska, Dnipropetrovska, Zaporizka and Donetska). Participants of the training studied experience of SAT4SLD piloting (self-assessment tool for sustainable local development) in Luhansk and Sumy oblasts.

From June to July 2013 Gluhivsky rayon of Sumy oblast and Antratsytivsky rayon of Luhansk oblast were testing new tool for sustainable local development SAT4SLD, which was worked out by Bratyslava UNDP regional office. This tool helped piloting rayons independently assess current status of social, economic and ecological spheres of their territories and come to a consensus regarding further sustainable development and along with this work out a strategy of territorial development. Also this self-assessment and strategy development are built on local initiative with bottom-up planning and are based on surveys and communities’ assessment.

Considering that this methodology proved to be successful in piloting rayons and communities, joint EU/UNDP Project “Community Based Approach - II” decided to disseminate experience of Luhansk and Sumy oblasts among other oblasts of Ukraine.

Based on the results of the training, now oblasts have to decide how to use the tool and to conduct self-assessment of local development at their own communities with further development of strategy for their rayons and communities.


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Mobile Laboratory for Energy Audit Appears in Zaporizka Oblast



In Zaporizka oblast a competitive selection of managing organisation for energy efficient equipment procured under CBA-II was conducted. Selection process of the contractor was trusted to a community organisation “Dzherelo” which has experience of holding tenders in terms of CBA Project.

According to the tender results CO “Dzerelo” selected LLC “LuksInvestProekt”. This organisation will do energy audit of state-financed organisation in social sphere in Zaporizka oblast. Such measures will foster oblast energy efficiency.

Selection of the contractor was done with accordance to all EU and UNDP procedures and showed high level of maturity of community organisations in Zaporizka oblast. “Community organisation “Dzherelo” was selected to hold this tender as one of the most experienced. This community has 4 certificates confirming its cooperation with the Project. We are certain about commitment and sense of purpose of these people”, says Oleksandr Ryabyi.

In 2012 Zaporizka oblast was selected for special piloting in energy efficient component. Under CBA-II Project support Zaporizka oblast procured mobile laboratory for energy audit.


UN Mission Studies the Attitude of Local Authorities and Communities to Reform of Local Self-govermence


IMG 5165On 14-16 July 2014 Nicolas Garrigue, Crisis Governance Specialist, Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery representative of UN mission in Ukraine visited Kirovohrad and Donetsk oblast to discuss the issues of the reform and decentralization process in Ukraine. During the visit he was accompanied by Oxana Remiga, UNDP Senior Programme Manager, Olena Ruditch Community Development Specialist and Tetyana Diyeva, Monitoring Assistant. The mission aimed to explore the readiness of authorities and communities for the reform of local self-governance and for decentralization of power. The mission was interested to study the attitude of regional authorities of all levels to the upcoming reform and also to find out what is the attitude of community members to the possible changes.

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The II phase of the Community Based Approach to Local Development Project (CBA) launched its activities on 7 June 2011. The Project is funded by the European Union and is co-financed and implemented by UNDP Ukraine. The total budget of the second phase of the Project’s is €17,1 million with 98.4% contribution from EU and 1,6% cost sharing from UNDP, which will be used to support sustainable socio-economic local development. More...


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