fs kirovohradKirovohradska oblast background

Kirovograd Region is situated in the centre of Ukraine. The administrative center of the oblast is Kirovohrad city. The area of the oblast is around 24,600 km2 with population around 1.1 million. The Kirovohrad Oblast is administratively subdivided into 21 rayons (districts) as well as 4 cities (municipalities)

The region is represented by production of sowing, soil cultivation and harvesting machines, bridge electric cranes, mining briquettes, nickel, graphite, mountain beeswax, sewing wares, and also wide range of products of food industry.

In the structure of processing industry with the share of 69% in the general production volumes, the share of machine-building industry makes 22.1 % as well as food industry – 33.9 % and construction materials industry – 5.3 %.

Among powerful industrial enterprises there are State Holding Company "Oleksandriyavugillya" (extraction and processing of brown coal is the main type of its activity) and two unique complexes on extraction and production of nickel and graphite: the Liability Limited Company "Pobuzke Ferronickel Plant", Joint-Stock Company "Zavallivsk Graphite Integrated Works" and branch of the National Center for Atomic Energy Development.

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The previous phases of the EU/UNDP CBA Project in Kirovohradska Oblast

Implementation of the first phase of CBA Project commenced in Kirovohrad region during March 2008. The second phase of the Project was launched in July 2011. Over these two phases 80,300 of men, women and children of the region have benefitted from improvement in 80 schools/kindergartens, 12 healthposts, 8 water supply, 1 environment, 4 rural economic development, 6 school buses and so on. This happened through joint effort of the citizens, oblast/rayon/local level governments, CBA Project and the private sponsors

Third Phase of the Project

Third phase of the EU/UNDP CBA III Project was initiated in Kirovohradska oblast with regional launching and signing of MoU which took place on 15 October 2014. The oblast received a quota of 9 rayons for standard\replication components.

Rayons selected for the EU/UNDP CBA III Project: Znamianskiy, Novomyrgorodskiy, Novoukrayinskiy, Oleksandrivskiy, Oleksandriyasky, Vilshanskiy, Kirovogradskiy, Novgorodskiy and Petrivskiy rayons.

Microprojects approved as of 6 January 2016: 24 micro projects (16 – energy saving, 1 – water supply, 5 – energy efficiency, 2 – business start-ups). Around 32,000 persons will benefit from implementation of these initiatives. Total budget for the initiatives is approx. UAH 9.5 mln (approx. USD 428,000). The EU/UNDP CBA Project will provide around UAH 6 mln (approx. USD 270,300).

During the Third Phase of the EU/UNDP CBA Project it is also expected to create 4 agricultural service cooperatives in two rayons of Kirovohradska oblast – Znamianskiy and Novomyrgorodskiy.



  • 80 300 men, women and children

CBA Microprojects in Kirovogradska oblast

  • 80 schools / kindergartens
  • 12 health posts
  • 8 water supply
  • 1 environment
  • 4 rural economic development


CBA-III Estimated Budget in Kirovohrad Oblast

CBA Project will provide around USD 360 ths to support implementation of local community initiatives
(USD 40 ths for each rayon).

CBA Community Development Officers, Kirovohradska oblast

Tetyana Golovchenko
Mob. tel.: (050) 417 71 57

Tetyana Golovchenko


Olena Radul
Mob. tel.: (050) 386 91 99

Olena Radul


Valeriy Nikolenko
Mob.tel.: (050)387 45 98

Valeriy Nikolenko

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