The Community-based Approach to Local Development (CBA) project promotes sustainable socio-economic development at local level by strengthening participatory governance and fostering community-based initiatives throughout Ukraine. It mobilizes local authorities, community organizations and private sector to plan and carry out together projects aimed at improving the living conditions of people in urban and rural areas.

Goals of the Project:

  •  Build capacities of local communities and authorities in applying community-based approach, participatory local planning and public service delivery, rehabilitating basic social and communal infrastructure, and developing small farm and non-farm businesses.
  • Enhance energy efficiency through energy planning and efficient energy use, innovative technologies and awareness campaigns.
  • Share best practices and knowledge on community mobilization and participatory governance through the knowledge hub and advocate for policy changes towards decentralization and local democracy.
  • Integrate community-based approaches to local governance and development in the curriculum of academia and educational institutions.

 Expected results: 

  •  Local communities and authorities have better capacities for participatory planning, decision-making and collective actions to implement sustainable local development initiatives.
  • Community members, community organisations (COs), associations of co-owners of multi-apartment buildings (ACMBs) and elected/state authorities have the knowledge and skills to implement community-based methodology for achieving local sustainable development.
  • People in rural and urban areas enjoy better living conditions as a result of improved basic communal services and income-generating activities.
  • Non-profit agricultural service cooperatives carry out economic activities which generate employment opportunities for households in rural areas.
  • Public campaigns carried out to increase awareness about energy efficiency.
  • Innovative municipal governance practices and tools help to provide information, deliver better public services and foster people’s participation.
  • Experience on community mobilization and participatory governance collected and disseminated through the knowledge management hub as well as integrated into the university curriculum. 


Duration: May 2014 - September 2017

Donors: European Union and United Nations Development Program

Budget : 23.8 mln EUR

Project area: All regions of Ukraine

Partners: Community organizations, local and regional authorities, line ministries, parliamentary committees, and national associations of local councils.





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