On 19 April, CBA Community development expert Oleksandr Riabyi was on a field visit in Nizhyn.

Local ACMB members participating the joint UNDP/EU project tell that they get more confident now and are no longer afraid when they need to organize themselves, to address their problems instead of waiting for until it is solved by someone else. There are enough problems to solve since the apartment blocks have net been repaired for decades. However, renovated hallways, new doors and windows decorated with flowers is a proof that changes are possible through the joint efforts and partnership with the local authorities. The CBA project gives instruments for these transformations, that is knowledge and funds for implementing ACMB initiatives.


During the coordination meeting of the CBA Project with Chernihiv Oblast State Administration, results of activities in 2015 were analyzed and plan for 2016 was adopted. Participants of the meeting had an opportunity to learn more about the new CBA component ‘smart cities’ and discuss which activities could be implemented in the context of innovative urban development.


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