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On 25 April 2016, an official opening of the renovated premises of a boarding school took place in a township of Novomykolaivka, Zaporizhya region. From now on it will function as an accommodation center for IDPs. The builsing has been renovated with support of the joint UNDP/EU project “Community-based approach to local development” (CBA).

Present at the opening were Kostyantyn Bryl, Head of Zaporizhya Oblast State Administration, CBA coordinators in Zaporizhya region, officials of rayon state administrations and councils, representatives of the local authorities, and internally displaced persons from Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Boarding school premises underwent complete renovation including replacement of windows and doors, repair of the roof, internal premises, heating, water supply and sewage systems. The repaied boarding school can host around 100 persons. It is expected that majority of residents will be women, children and elderly persons.


At the moment, there are many unfinished or neglected buildings at the territory of Zaporizhya region that were never put in order. With support of UNDP project, we conducted detailed analysis of such buildings in the rayons with the highest number of IDPs staying there. In the first place, we plan to repair the objects like this boarding school that has not been repaired for 20 years. Today we are finally opening its premises were turned habitable. I am sure that  in one month it will be full of happy parents and kids”, Kostyantyn Bryl, Head of Zaporizhya Oblast State Administration, said during the official opening.

Apart from the object in Novomykolaivka, there are three more buildings renovated in Zaporizhya region, including the territorial center of social services in Davydivka village, a non-functioning kindergarten in Novovasylovka settlement, and hospital in Botievo village. All these premises accommodated some 270 IDPs.



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