On 9 June 2016, the Deputy Director of the UNDP Communications Office Ms Caroline Hooper-Box came for a monitoring visit to Ukraine. She plans to see the implementation of community-led initiatives, supported by the joint UNDP/EU project “Community based approach to local development” (CBA), and other UNDP projects.  

She has visited Korzhi village, Kyiv region, that is cooperation with the CBA since 2011. During this time, the village community implemented a project to improve energy saving in a local kindergarten. Thanks to installation of reinforced plastic windows, 135 children attending the kindergarten are now playing and studying in properly heated premises. During the third phase of the CBA, the community implemented their second project and managed to arrange for reconstruction of water supply system. Now the village community is actively sharing their experience with other communities.


The guest has also visited Baryshivsky rayon resource center for community development and met with the local community. The coordinators of the resource center told about their assistance to the local population. The center also has its facebook page that is regularly updated and they actively follow the CBA developments and community initiatives implemented in other rayons and regions.






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