image 0 02 05 33658806e52bf9cbe4f395d5448db327b407b6931712ed86af5f72523432b68e VThe story of the village Pavlivka, Vinnytsia region, is typical for Ukraine. Until 2015, the locals never knew how it is to have illuminated streets at night. Serhiy, the head of the village council, a young man in his early forties, says it used to be a real problem: “We all ride bicycles here in Pavlivka. Each household has at least one, two or more bicycles. We had so many incidents because of the dark streets!” Now, thanks to the EU funded community development project, 6 km of streets of the village are illuminated with energy efficient lamps which work from solar power. “We are really proud of this initiative,” continues Serhiy. “It’s a unique system. The solar panels are installed on the roof of the local health post, and all the equipment is stored inside the building, so it doesn’t get damaged when it’s raining or too cold. It took us a year to develop a technical documentation and only a week to install the equipment. But it was worth it!”

Proactive villagers of Pavlivka have lots of development plans for their community and they are always happy to share their thoughts and ideas with others. They often host other communities and delegations of officials to demonstrate fruits of their work. In July they were honoured to welcome Mr Neal Walker, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Ukraine. During his visit, the community showed guests newly reconstructed school for junior kids and a street lighting system. They also shared their plans for future like the reconstruction of the sports gym, which they already initiated with the support from the State Fund for Regional Development. 

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